Eureka - Strike the Ball like a pro !

by Harry
(Ireland )

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Learn how to join this topic or start YOUR conversation at the end of this post!

Hi , I'm a reasonable golfer off 12 H/Cap. I'm a golf nut I suppose, reading books, internet surfing, you name it.

Here's something I devised myself.

During your pre-shot routine you stand behind your ball pick out a target & align a small mark in front of the ball 12- 14 '' to your intended target? Agreed?

Pick another spot directly inline but this time 3'' ahead of the golf ball...


Look at the spot 3 inches in front of the ball and make your normal swing focused on the divot or some mark 3 inches ahead of your ball!

It takes some guts to get used to it but believe me this works.

Your now striking down on the ball & accelerating through it because you've moved your impact position forward.

I'm hitting my irons lower, further & getting a great trajectory.

My last two rounds I shot 80/79!

I'm a pretty good putter but my drives can be a little wild sometimes.

I tend to swing too hard at my drives when I get tense! Still working on this one.

Give it a try this will work!

Cheers from Ireland

Yes I do play my golf on a links so a 79, 80 is damn good scoring!

I'd like to hear from others! Hey, what works for you?!

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Sep 20, 2016
Works like a charm... NEW
by: Anonymous

Saw this suggested as an exercise for early extension (with irons). Tried it with my Driver and I've never hit drives so consistently straight, solid and consistent. Amazing. I think its kind of like the Karate guys breaking a board, i.e., focusing beyond the target... maybe??

Feb 04, 2015
by: Wade

Keeo 'em coming. Great insights for everyone.

Jul 04, 2012
same here
by: Anonymous

Thought i invented it too yesterday. It worked great. Lets see day two...

Jun 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I absolutely agree. I will hit a weak fade/slice every single time if I look right at the ball.
When I look a couple inches in front of the ball I hit a legit golf shot! It's all about the mind set, when you look at the ball you think "hit" and then you tense up and swing through impact with an open clubface. When you don't look at the ball the mindset correctly changes to "swing" toward the target, and it allows the clubhead to release.
Glad to know someone else does this because of all the magazines and articles I've read I've never heard this tip, and it's easily the move that makes my swing work. Figured it out myself as did you.

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