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Mental Game Mastery, Issue #111, Monthly Ezine -- Putting Mastery
May 28, 2007
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Mindless Putting

Now that sounds like an odd title doesn't it!? Yet this is exactly what you want. Mindless putting. In this issue we'll focus in on putting. Putting, after all, has the single largest impact on your score. It's ironic how most people ignore it altogether ar at most roll a few putts in prior to a round and then wonder why their scores don't improve after all those golf lessons!

Most players know that putting accounts for over 40% of the average players score. Think about that. If you shoot 83 on average that equals about 33 strokes just on the greens! Now what if you could drop that percentage from 40% to 35%? Now that equals 29 strokes instead of 33. 4 fewer strokes per round means you are now breaking 80 on a regular basis.

I expand more on this and provide specific techniques in the mental game program to transform your putting for life. We'll do some of them in this issue.

The heading mindless putting means two things: it is mindless to ignore THE most important component to scoring low. It has a second meaning that is more zen-like: no mind. Being empty of inner talk or left brain analysis. We want to become target oriented and use our right brain, imagination and imagery when we're putting.

This is how we tap the unconscious. Your natural abilities reside in the subconscious. So how do we access these latent talents?

Mental imagery

Mental imagery or "pictures with feeling" is the best way to reach this place within us. I am coaching a fellow right now who is preparing to qualify for the US Senior Open. He shared with me a brilliant exercise he does to increase this connection with his unconscious when putting. He putts in the dark!

This is perfect. He lives on a farm and it is dark. No lights. He can barely see the ball and can only "sense" where the hole is. He makes strokes based completely on his inner awareness since there is literally no information coming from his eyes. When he putts the next day in the normal light of day he feels he can make everything inside of 20 feet. Now that is excellent practice.

Here are a few more processes to use to improve your putting immensely.

    Imagine the hole to be surrounded by your favourite color. This becomes attractive to your subconscious and is a simple way to increase your connection to the target.

    Lag putting: Most people have early movement on long putts and lower body movement which is a no-no. Imagine you're standing in concrete from the waste down. This will effortlessly still your lower body and keep you planted on long putts.

    Pace your putts: instead of just casually looking at the distance between the ball and the hole, walk it off in paces. Paces are better than feet since it is a smaller number. eg;. 21 feet or only 7 paces. Now you treat the putt as shorter and provide the unconscious with a simple system to use when giving you the stroke you need.

Take these to the course

Feeling based imagery is very powerful and is the superhighway into your potential. Develop a few of your own and personalize what you're learning here. Try these and use them as they are or alter them any way you feel like. Or better yet make new ones of your own.

    The hole is a magnet - imagine the hole to be a powerful magnet that sucks your ball in if it gets anywhere near it.

    Vortex- here's an extension of the above. Imagine the hole is a vortex that catches your ball as it approaches the edge of thr vortex.

    Manhole - here's one some pros use. You visualize the hole to be the size of a manhole cover. This is a great way to free up your stroke. And if it's a lag putt then rolling the ball into an area of that size is an excellent pag.

    Follow the tracks - this is only used when practicing and if it feels right on your practice stroke prior to the actual putt. Imagine your putter head is restiong between two tracks or guides the prevent it from twisting or turning improperly. You simply move the putter back and forth between the tracks.

The last thought you have prior to making your stroke for real should be an image. Preferably an image that stimulates YOUR imagination and reaches your unconscious.

Over time you will gain an incredible trust by applying these techniques. Bottm line: your scores will drop faster than most any other lesson you'll take. If you want to go low and stay there master these processes and create some more for yourself. They're the key to the vault of mindless putting.

See you next issue!


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