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Mental Game Mastery, Issue #125, Monthly Ezine -- Most Popular Articles
August 28, 2008

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Wow, This Stuff IS Powerful

There are several articles below for your reading. Two of which you can download for free to your computer. But first this is hot off the email presses and worth a quick peek...

I did one phone coaching session with a junior golfer last week. His dad called me and said his son wasn't practicing, suffered anxiety before tournaments, was playing very poorly and only seemed to play good when he was out of contention.

He didn't expect a miracle but asked if I'd speak with his son before last weekend's tournament. I did. On Thursday I did one session with him lasting about an hour & 1/2.

The Results...

I received an email the Monday morning after the tournament from his dad saying: "Wade, I don't know what you did but it sure worked. My son rested each night with no signs of anxiety. He found himself tied for 1st and went into a 4 man playoff.

He won it on the 4th hole! It was so nice to see him come home happy after golf. And what is really interesting is he said he didn't play well but still won. Usually when he plays poor he quits mentally. We'll continue working with you..."

Pretty powerful stuff, huh. Most people have a perception of what they "believe" mental game coaching is. Most of the time it's wrong. It's truly unfortunate that people group things together and assume my stuff is pretty much like anyone else who's writing about it. Wrong!

I hope you don't make this mistake. Your game WILL improve if you use my material. I absolutely know this and guarantee it. I teach processes that no-one even knows about that change your mind at a deep level and your game improvement isn't only a probability it's inevitable...

Enjoy the articles!

Mental Game Articles For You

I have provided you with a couple articles which, overall, seemed to get the most reads and postings on other websites.

As well, I'll leave a couple links for you to access articles/posts on my website.

New Blog Post: Golf Hypnosis - This created quite the buzz and got some "competitors" a little rattled! :-)

Free Articles for You To Download -

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