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6 Mental Game Mastery Audio Coaching Sessions

Audio #1

Awakening Your Potential - This coaching sessions walks you deeply into your senses and builds that all important powerful self image as a golfer. Installing it into youre subconscious so you can play an auto-pilot. This is the doorway to lower scores!

Audio #2

Dissolving First Tee Jitters - Once you learn this powerful process you'll be walking to the first tee as calmly as if you're on the 11th hole, all loose and relaxed! You'll be focused and calm and ready to play regardless of what's happening around you.



Audio #3

Getting into your "Flow State" the Zone - You'll learn a precise exercise that leads you into your optimal performance state and releases your potential while you play. If you truly want to play to your capabilities there is no quicker and more lasting way than this.



Audio #4

The Slump Killer - this is my proprietary process that literally eliminates any slump you might find yourself in. Ever have stretch of time when your putting goes south? With this technique you'll actually forget you were in a slump! Your game will return to normal and your score card will look more respectable!



Audio #5

Designing The Perfect Pre-Shot Routine for You - I'll walk you through exactly how to create your own rock solid pre shot routine. But not just 'any", one the uses EVERY key process that leads to you hitting the best possibel shots you are capable of. Shot after shot after shot. If you take the tome to use what you learn in this session alone your scores will improve immediately. Guaranteed.



Audio #6

Building a Winner's Mindset - What is a winner's mindset and how do you build one? Well, there's a lot more to winning than just playing good and finishing in 1st place. In fact a winner's mindset is the foundation to you playing consistently and the only way you will tap your potential. In this sessions you'll acquire the mental skill of never quitting. Of reminaing committed on every shot and playing to win from the first tee shot to the last putt.


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