Internet Business - How to do business online and work from home

Internet Business -Are you wondering how to build a business on the internet? Well if you are looking for warm fuzzies and someone to tell you how rich you'll get following my plan, you're at the wrong website!

Yet I do make money and know how to succeed. 
I will tell it like it is. Business takes effort and building a money making internet business is even harder. That's right. The failure rate of doing business online is even higher than offline! 99% failure rate to be specific...There are countless avoidable reasons for this...

Before I started this website (in a highly competitive niche) I was dazed at the options and confusing array of decisions in front of me. I consider myself  very lucky to have linked up with the most dominant presence online to build my business with!

Find out exactly how my website ranks in the top 1% of all traffic (according to Alexa). It is a challenge to compete with over 72 million sites (and growing daily) if you don't have a clear business building strategy. You must have help.

I was so fortunate to have been referred to a company that is the only company with proof of how their clients are succeeding online.

Now I am one of testimonials as I am living proof that their service is phenomenal. In fact my no-brainer website has achieved its' enviable ranking in less than 10 weeks from start up! These people show you exactly how to build a profitable internet business and will help put your business on overdrive.

They literally saved me thousands of dollars and months of wasted time. If you own or run a website you know what I mean! There are countless marketers promising instant riches. Thousands upon thousands of webhosts offering $7.99/mo hosting services. Search Engine Optimizers promising you'll rank at #1 in google in 10 days, and on and on.

This is why most websites never truly become viable businesses. There's no real direction or a cohesive business model/plan to follow. This is insane when you think about it. No serious business person would ever dream of starting a business this way in the offline world.

You see, the internet dream will remain just that, a dream, until it is treated like a legtitimate business opportunity and run like a business. Find a company that proves they help people succeed. I am very serious about this. There is literally only one site on the entire internet that has proof. Incredible but true.

Every webhosting service simply provides you with a webspace, and like everyone else online leaves you completely stranded with no traffic. Virtually guaranteeing failure and the end of your dream. Too many people buy into the fantasies sold by the snake oil internet salesmen. Just having a website means absolutely nothing. 

Building a profitable internet business

Here's the reality of what you'll need to build a successful online business:

Note: I have found a way to reduce these costs by thousands. I'll show you as we go...Everything you see below is included in their package. You won't need to spend any additional money to launch your business.

Webhost - somewhere to place your website

Cost - $100.00 year minimum.

Software to build your site - anywhere from $200 to $700 for this. Of course, you can download free webpage builders but you'll need to know some html code. It is  never as easy as the product offerers tell you it is!
My website is over 90 pages and I did it for free, without knowing a stitch of html. Learn more here.

Search Engine Submission - you have to get your sites indexed and listed in the big 4. Google, which is responsible for 70% of your traffic - Yahoo, MSN and Ask. If you don't rank in these engines you are, for the most part, a non presence online. You will die a slow death.

This can be done by you manually. So with a little elbow grease you can do this for free. 

SEO Optimization - your site must be optimized for the major search engines or it won't rank. This includes both on page and off page criteria. You'll need to learn how to do this (months) or get someone to do it for you.

Cost - anywhewre from $100 - $1,000's depending on duration. If you want to have a one shot optimization this will be less yet any serious SEO will charge you for 3 months at least and will want to work with you over a long period of time.

Content - your website must provide highly valued content or what's the reason for people even visiting. They're just a click away from another site that does offer great content!

So if you think you're going to slap up a sales page and make it rich think again. These are the exact sites that die the quickest. In spite of what the get rich quick scammers tell you.

Here's a great book to get you started. It's free. Make your site sell

Promotion - somehow you have to get the word out about your site. If no-one knows about you you'll starve. This will take loads of personal time or you can pay others in their respective promotional niches to do it for you.

Cost - $100's per year minimum

Newsletter -  Not absolutely necessary yet a great way to build a potential customer list. And when it comes to long term profits your "list" is your future. So needless to say a newsletter is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Ezine software and promotional software cost $100's

Email/autoresponder service - having an autoresponder is essential in automating your online business. It is a tool you simply must have.

Cost from  $10 per month to $400.00 hundred per year, depending on quality of software, its robustness and/or how much you need it to do.

Blogging ability - creating RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the wave of the future for your website to grow. My site has achieved most of its Alexa ranking simply from this one method of marketing. You are in the dark ages if you're not fully utilizing the power of RSS.

It allows you to stay in touch with your visitors and build a solid, long term relationship with them. If you have a blog you build a presence in your niche and people are far more likely to do business with you.

Cost: $20 - $100's, depending on how serious you want to get.

Niche marketing - this is the key to making money online. Being taught how to find and develop your niche is extremely valuable information. You must have a niche and find a way to compete and even dominate that niche.

When you can become the expert in your niche you will be the referrence point, the measuring stick by which everyone else is judged. This "authority" in your niche makes your sales explode.

Research and the software to do it - you'll need Wordracker or some keyword software product. You need to know what people are searching for online. No sense going into a business that no-one is searching for. Or to start one in a niche that is saturated, like marketing.

To succeed online you must know what people want then build a business to fulfill that desire. No sense building a huge website that no-one is remotely interested in! Yet this is what most every newbie does when starting out on the internet.

Cost - $300 per year

Support - not just customer support. Every company claims top notch customer support. I'm talking about a mentor. A community of like minded business builders who can help each other along the way. This is absolutley essential for you to get where you're going and stay on track.

I would say this was the main reason I chose to do business with them. The help of their staff and other business owners who use their services was remarkable. And still is.

In fact you can get customer support just like a client, whether you use their services or not! Impressive to say the least. Feel free to fire questions at them and truly investigate their claims. They back it up.

Cost - You truly can't put a price tag on this one...

Marketing - this is the critical area. Yet not in the way we are often told by the thousands of online "gurus". There are predictable, measurable processes you can follow that will definitely lead to profits if followed properly.

Not having a plan will waste thousands and thousands of dollars. And even worse than this is the time you'll waste!  

Cost - ok, this is the real doozy here. $1,000's and up.

Without a clear plan and some system to follow you will inevitably burn through piles of money and get nowhere. You'll get lured in by every marketer under the sun offering the panacea to the internet promiseland.

And when your business is floundering, which it will without a cohesive business plan and marketing strategy, you are more likely to fall for their hype and promises of quick riches.

Sure, you'll get the odd sale and increased traffic for your efforts, yet your long term your business credibility and solvency will be an issue.

This area alone kills and helps more business than all others combined. Knowing your way through this labyrinth is essential if you want to not only survive the first year or two,  but actually thrive and build a profitable long term business.

Use the skills and knowledge of a company that has a track record of success.

Now imagine, instead of spending between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars to get your business going you could get every single service I mentioned so far, and more, all under one roof.

Marketing, hosting with unlimited webspace, domain name registration, keyword research and tracking, complete website stats monitoring, newsletter software, autoresponders, complete blogging ability, world class customer support, mentoring, web site building system.

You don't need to know any html! Search engine submission  and optimization. Ecommerce ready, countless free business building books and resources. And the list goes on.

All this and more for only $299.00. That's it. There is absolutely no webhosting, site building, marketing company on the internet that even comes close to what these people provide. And for chump change.

Build a website that works

If you are serious about making money on the internet you owe it to yourself to take a close look at this company. And I emphasize the word serious. Let's face it, building a profitable internet business takes work. The pie in the sky get rich quick stuff will derail your dreams and leave you bitter.

There are very few opportunities available to the average person like the internet offers. Yet it takes support and a solid company to help you stay on track and turn your dream into a viable, profitable online business.