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Affiliate Masters Course

The internet classic and without question the premier guide to building a profitable online business.

Make Your Price Sell

The price of your product is critical to your success. If you don't know this information you are quite literally costing yourself loads of cash.

Net Writing Masters Course

What do you think THE most important key to building a successful internet business is? WORDS! Everything you do on the internet revolves around words and how you use them! Learn exactly how to write "good copy". Make your words sell!

Ultimate Link Building Program

Link building is essential to rank well in the search engines. Yet acquiring quality links takes lots of time. And waiting for links to accumulate is like watching paint dry!

Save yourself months of painstaking link building activities. This program puts you in contact with sites that WANT to link to you! No more sending out countless emails and getting nowhere fast.

Free Link Exchange Program

Search Engine Submission

This is something I waited a bit too long to do. Submit to the smaller, hub type directories. There are hundreds of them. Ok, there's really thousands of them yet most are irrelevant and simply duplicate what they larger ones do.

There are about 200 - 300 legitimate sources of search traffic outside the big 4 - Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.

This company does a mass submit to a few hundred engines and charges only $10. They've been online since the internet began and website promotion is their business. No-one is even close to their quality and price.

Website Promotion Service

Cloak and Tracker - Excellent product for cloaking your affiliate ID's and tracking them all in one place. I can't list all the things it does here. Just check it out yourself and see if it's something that can help your business.

Mental Game

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