Develop a Scoring Mindset

This may seem strange but there are very few players that truly know how to score. I am being deadly serious here. Most every golfer is almost hypnotized by swing thinking and playing "golf swing". This is NOT golf! As far as I can understand, and correct me if I am off track here, but the point of the game is to get the ball from the tee and into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Correct?

Well then where did the trance get formed that people believe it is the beauty of their swing or the endless analysis of the mechanics of their swing that will cause that to happen?

Of course we want to improve our swing and do our best to remove the flaws that can cause inconsistency in our results. BUT, and that is a big but, the false idea that the endless pursuit of the perfect swing will automatically yield lower scores is literally destroying the scores of millions of misguided golfers.

The "Playing Golf Swing" Trance Must Be Broken

Playing golf swing is exactly that: a trance. It's a major mistake getting stuck in your left brain, analyzing technical details and tips while playing and thinking you'll be able to be a "scorer."

A friend of mine, Bobby McIver, who is an amazing coach wrote a book called The Heart of the Game: A Coaches Journey. You should read this. From a world class coaches perspective you'll hear almost NO technical guidance!


Seve Ballesteros was a scorer. Maybe one of the best ever at getting everything out of his round. Do you think they were stuick in playing golf swing? Not a chance!Tom Watson as well. The first two years on tour, many of his fellow tour players would attest, hit the ball all over the lot. They thought there's no way he keeps his tour card swinging like that.

Did he change his swing and get ultra focused on having perfect one? Never. He kept swing away and while he hit the ball sideways he still got it in the hole in fewer strokes than most guys!

Scoring is a Mindset - Not Swingset!

Watson and Ballesteros drove people crazy when they competed against him. They had prettier swings that were, at the time, clearly more mechanically sound. But who won all those majors and developed a magical short gameā€¦.

You must break the trance of playing golf swing. Play the game with a mental commitment to getting that small round ball into the hole no matter what. Read that again.... No matter what happened to the previous shot and no matter where it goes commit to staying focused and tapping your resources to get that ball in the hole!

Sometimes you need to play from your gut and intuition like Golf betting William Hill and just let your game flow...

It really is an amazingly fun and rewarding way to play once you truly integrate this mindset into your game! You'll frustrate almost everyone you play with as they can only marvel at your mental toughness and ability to almost will the ball n the hole. And then, when your swing is on, and you know those days when things really feel effortless, you'll feel unstoppable.