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"Your product is a winner..."

"...everything seems so much simpler now. No lack of confidence, no technical swing thoughts beforehand; in fact it feels as though I'm not thinking at all. I've used Rotella's and Gallwey's material and they're good but yours far surpasses theirs. I shot a personal best 1 under par from the Championship Tees at my course (7,450 yards) using what you taught me. Your course is a winner."
David Domanski, Scotland

"Senior Women's Open"

"...I'm proud to announce I came in 3rd and qualified for the provincial team! I couldn't have done it without your course."
Ann Kirkland, Canada

Welcome to one of the original websites online on the mental game of golf. I've been online for 10 years with hundreds of clients and thousands of customers of my online course.

This website is like a great golf swing: it doesn't have to be pretty to be extremely effective. That's exactly what my methods are, incredibly effective and have been proven amazingly successful for years. As you're about to learn...

Every pro admits it's the mental game of golf that determines their success. Yet it is amateurs and mid handicappers that need these mind control skills just as much! Yet many don't think they do. In golf it's what we "don't know" that kills us.

If you're interested in developing your inner game you'll find techniques & strategies throughout this website to get your game dialed in. Take a look around and enjoy the site. You might want to bookmark it since you won't get to everything in one visit...

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Mind Coaching

Whether you're a high or low handicapper, a scratch player or pro, you'll only play to your full potential when you harness and direct the power of your mind.

I'm a Inner Game Coach and I specialize in golf. Like you, I love the game of golf. I don't have a pile of letters beside my name in the form of academic credentials. I do not have a PhD. What I do have is a Masters in Results.

I walk the talk with each and every conversation, suggestion and exercise revealed on this website. The techniques I teach have helped clients from around the world reach their golfing goals and I personally used these strategies to go from a 26 handicap down to a 3 without golf lessons.

What matters here is you and your game. Do you want to play the best golf of your life and do it with consistency? Spend some time reading the many articles and develop your mental game .


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Golf Learning Styles
Golf Learning Styles are not widely known or understood. Do you know yours? You better find out before you take golf lessons because..
About the Coach
I spent many years developing this material. The website is over 200 pages of golf mental game strategies and...
Inner Game Golf Book
Inner game golf program with over 330 pages of inner game strategies and techniques for improving performance and lowering scores.
Mental Game Blog
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Mental Game Golf Affiliate Program
Mental game golf ffiliate program for golf. How to make money in golf as an affiliate.
Performance Anxiety In Golf
Performance anxiety in golf used to affect me so it was such a thrill to remain completely focused and calm under pressure and have no signs of performance anxiety before my round or...
Peak Performance in Golf
Experiencing peak performance in golf is the ultimate golf state. Effortlessness, ease of movement and clarity make peak performance such a....
Visualization for golf
Using visualization for golf greatly improves your golf game and sharpens your focus
First Tee Jitters
First tee jitters affect amateur and professional golfers alike. I remember this guy on the first tee and he was so nervous it...
Winning mindset - What does winning mean to you?
Winning mindset - Your defintition of what winning means to you can transform your abilitity to win consistently
Goals in Golf: How they affect your game
Goals in golf are a must. How else do you know where you are? Goals are meant to be accomplished not just written down!
Anger Management in Golf
Anger management in golf is essential as this guy found out...The club sailed through the air and just missed a young girl playing with her dad. I had to deal with anger in my game once and for all.
Mental Imagery for Golf
Mental imagery in your game moves into the heart of peak performance and moves you into your personal performance zone
Golf Training Aids
Take all the golf training aids on the market today and there is nothing as good as having your own strong mental game. You can spend hundreds of dollars on gimmicks and actually hurt your game!
Playing in the Zone
Playing in the zone - Clear focus, sustained attention in each moment define playing in the zone. A pure state of flow and the experience of peak performance all in one! Did you know how to...
Course Management in Golf
Course management in golf... you played your very doubt it's when you practiced good golf course management.
Mental Game Audio Coaching
Mental game audio coaching for my golf game? It's a great way to design performance enhancing states into your mental game. Use audio to...
Tiger Woods Mental Game
Tiger Woods mental game provides the greatest example of the power of a properly applied mental game. I studied him for years and found that....
Mental Game Golf Coach
Using a mental game golf coach and applying their strategies helped me drop my handicap from a 26 to a 3! I surpassed my own expectations by....
Fitness for golf - Keeping your mind and body in shape
Fitness for golf is hard to find. Finding a firness program that supports both mind and body and focuses on golf specific exercises is what I wanted to find. It took a while but I...
Sport Psychology articles, Mental Game articles and golf tips
Sport psychology and mental game articles for golf to improve performance and your swing. Psychology influences the way you...
Use NLP golf exercises in your game
NLP golf exercises that you can use in your golf game. This NLP process will allow you to...
NLP and Golf - How to use NLP in Your Golf Game
NLP and golf are perfect partners. I'm a Master Practitioner/Trainer and use the mental game strategies that I teach. If you know anything about NLP you know that modelling success is at the core of..
Mental Toughness in Golf
Mental toughness in golf is a mindset, not something you just get a quick fix on. Who is the person you feel typifies mental toughness the best in golf? Model this person and...
Golf Psychology and Scoring
Golf Psychology is a term that can almost be on its own in the annals of sports psychology/golf literature. To use your mind in ways that...
Mental Game Ezine|Newsletter
Mental game Ezine|newsletter -Includes a free mental game Self Assessment and see how your inner game stacks up and learn how to...
Golf Energy Mental Game
In golf energy and the mental game are linked. Your ability to perform at your best requires your mind is fueled properly so make sure you...
How to Calm your nerves in Golf
Have you ever needed to calm your nerves in your golf game? It can be a nerve wracking experience! What do you do to deal with nerves? There are ways that every golfer....
Yoga for Golf!
Yoga for golf is one of the purest forms of improving and maintaining flexibility in the game of golf. Yet the right yoga for golf is equally important. Make sure you...
Preshot Visualization Routine - The Importance of the Preshot Routine
Your preshot routine should have a visualization process in it. A good preshot visualization strategy sets the stage for a rhythmic swing and you...
Preshot routine
How do I use visualization in my preshot routine? And what makes a good preshot routine?
Pressure in Golf , the US Open, and Your golf Game
How do you handle pressure in golf? To compete well under the gun pressure in golf must become a part of your practice sessions and...
Distractions in Golf and How to Manage Them
Dealing with distractions in golf becomes a deciding element in competitive play. How do you manage your mind to ensure distractions in golf don't negatively influence your....
How to Improve Mental Skills in Your Golf Game
To improve mental skills in your golf game requires the right knowledge. Just focusing your attention in the right way improves mental skills faster than...
How to Cure the Yips
Cure the yips by understanding what causes it. Without question the yips is the most debilitating experience for any golfer and the best way to...
Golf in the Zone
To golf in the zone is to experience golf nirvana... You can learn how to step into your own zone by....
Mental Preparation for Golf - A Round, Match or Tournament
Mental preparation for each round of golf is what seperates the successful performers from those who simply "hope" they'll play well. Is your mental preparation adequate to play your best?
How to Improve Mental Focus in Your Golf Game.
There are many ways to improve mental focus to play better golf. In fact, knowing just one of these techniques can make mental focus a habit instead of...
Golf Coach's Corner
Golf coach's corner is YOUR place to share your golf insights/questions and everything golf. Ask and it will be answered...
Site Links
Links from around the web to improve your golf game. Only the best served here.
Zen Golf
What is zen golf? Is it an insight into the absurdity of the game or about the zen state of mind in golf? Well, in fact it's...
Having a Golf Gameplan
Do you have a solid golf gameplan. Not only while you play but before you...
Junior Golf Mental Game
Junior golf mental game is all about fearless fun! Imagine your junior golf with a solid mental game?
Mental Golf Lessons
Mental golf lessons are rarely spoken of compared to physical golf lessons yet shouldn't they BOTH be done in order to...
The Masters Mental Game
While watching the Masters the mental game immediately shows its' colors. A players routine might break from the heat of Masters pressure and...
Mental Training Youth Golfers
Mental training youth golfers - At what age should mental training for junior golfers begin? What is too young? First we must look at...
Golf Staying in the Moment
Golf staying in the moment is the sublime act in golf. Remaining present and enjoying each instance of "now" iswhat you...
How to Use Your Mind in Golf
Learning how to use your mind in golf is the first step to building your mental game. Can you remember the last time you used your mind in your golf game and really...
Site Map
Golf mental game sitemap to locate specific mental game links
Mental Game Golf Tips
Mental game golf tips are scarce in the truest sense of the word. There are a few world class mental golf game tips that you...
Match Play Golf Rules
Match Play golf rules all other competitive golf formats. Match Play golf creates an inner pressure cooker that only...
Why Tiger Woods Wears Red
Is there a reason Tiger Woods wears a bold red shirt on the final round of every tournament he ever enters? Could Tiger Woods be using a covert psychological ploy that...
Mental Aspects of Putting
The mental aspects of putting determine as much how well you put as your technique. You want to roll it properly of course but great putting depends on....
British Open Golf Mental Game
The British Open Golf mental game is the truest test in all of golf. When you watch the british open golf tournament you're witnessing the mental game of golf in action because...
Golf Mental Game Coach Contact Form
Direct inquiries to the golf mental game coach here and your request for assistance from the golf mental game coach will be answered fastest if...
Masters Winner
The masters winner has reached the pinnacle of golf and I'm so excited to talk about this with you and hear your views on how this....
Vijay Singh's Mental Game
Vijay Singh's mental game training is cutting edge. Did you hear what vijay singh is using for mental training now?
Ryder Cup Pressure
Ryder cup pressure is the height of golf pressure and golf fans around the world get the ultimate privilidge of watching golf at its' most intense competitive level during the Ryder Cup
Ryder Cup Clothing
Did you notice the color of the Ryder Cup clothing the Americans wore on Sunday? Interesting choice if you've read my articles on red and how....
Golf Mental Training
Golf mental training breakthrough that smashes the time frame it used to take to dial in your mind. I know someone who applies these techniques and said....
Shooting 59
Shooting 59 is not about skill even though clearly you must good to do it. Stuart Appleby shot 59 by being in the zone so if...
Kyle Stanley Mental Game
Kyle Stanley bounces back in the biggest way possible by winning the very next week in the same way he lost!
Putting Tips
Here are the critical putting tips that open your mind to the confidence inside you which really is ther key to great putting so try this and then...
Ignore Score to Play Better Golf
it did amaze when I stopped focusing on score how fadst my scores improved! I'll send you the article it's impressive, you'll love the tips for...
Golf is About Managing Your Mind
Golf is about managing your mind and your expectations. Since golf isn't a game of perfect it's a game of managing "mishits", so how do you use your....