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Mental Game Mastery, Issue #126 - Are You Prepared to Go Low?
October 30, 2008

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Be Mentally Prepared

I'm a huge believer in preparation. There's the classic 5 P's of Peak Performance:

    Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

I like to say it with a more positive spin:

    Proper Preparation Promotes Peak Performance

My clients know my commitment to preparation during our coaching sessions. In fact everything you do while golfing and playing at your peak is the result of preparation.

    => You practiced at the range

    => You rehearse your pre-shot routine away from the course and dial it in

    => You mentally prepare for your round see more on this here

Really Training Your Brain For Success

Players who decide to really go low and improve their game know the importance of mental preparation. Yet I receive comments from clients on the difficulty they have in training their mind to respond properly to imagery and focus exercises.

I wrestled with this for quite some time and although I created numerous processes to accommodate their needs some players still experienced frustration in tapping their mind properly. After a long search and some serious testing I have found something ALL people can benefit from.

This is a very impressive program for designing states of peak performance, among many other uses it has. Actually they call it "Mindware". This program turbocharges all of my processes and accelerates their integration into your game.

In fact whether you use my material or not this Mindware will help your game. It's explained in greater detail and with more clarity on the page linked below. You'll see the blue text, click there.

I plan on licensing this program and using it in my clinics around the world. Check it out for yourself if you're interested in really tapping your mind to its fullest.

When you prepare properly you are instructing your unconscious what experiences you desire. This directly influences your performance.

Be mentally prepared and Prepare to Go Low!


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