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This page is definitely not for everyone. I simply put this page here to share my experiences of building a profitable online business by doing what I love. By living my passion.

I was so tired of working for someone else and renting my time for money in the form of an hourly wage. I made many changes years ago and decided to become a personal coach. This has given me enormous satisfaction yet no true independence.

I realized that if I wanted freedom in my life and real financial independence I couldn't have a business that relied on my presence all the time. While being a Peak Performance Coach is very rewarding it limits my freedom. And my schedule revolves around my clients.

While being paid $150 an hour is great, if I stop seeing clients I go broke. Period. Then I was introduced to the online world. But let me tell you I had NO desire to build websites and be a "techy".

I know how to coach people on the mental game of golf. This is what I love and what I am good at. Yet the thought of sharing it with more people via the internet was a new idea for me. I hadn't considered it until many clients suggested it.

Freedom and Independence

I guess I can thank them now. The changes in my life have been enormous. I have the freedom I dreamed of, the independence and complete control of my time and my schedule! This was the most important for me and what attracted me to starting an online business.

By the way, if you want to ask them any questions or get specifics on this or any other aspect of their services they are accessible almost anytime. 

I don't know about you but the thought of waking up each morning and driving in endless traffic to and from work for the next 20 years is something I can barely even contemplate! I had to give things a try.

Yet I had no idea where to start and feared the internet was too full of scams and lacked legitimacy. The fact is that it is full of scammers and always will be. Yet there are people who do care about each other and do have mutual interests at heart.

I am so thankful for being introduced to this company. They have rock solid business building resources all under one roof so I didn't have to go anywhere else to build my business. This saved me tons of time and money!

A clear plan and direction will save you loads of cash

The internet seemed so confusing and directionless to me that I hesitated taking action. But thank goodness I was introduced to a company that literally does it all when it comes to building a long term profitable business on the internet.

There is no way you'd even be reading this page if it wasn't for them. The complete suite of services and support they provided me is the key reason I have succeeded online while over 99% of all websites don't make any money. You might want to read that last stat again...That's right. Less than 1% of the 72,000,000 website owners are making money!

I wanted to see proof and some real world examples of successful clients before I even considered doing business with a company.

Yet I was one of the 72% of households that wanted to start their own business yet didn't know where to start. Looking back on how things have happened I feel so fortunate I learned about them and their depth of knowledge on exactly how to succeed online.

My dream of having free time and golfing more was a motivator for giving this a go! Boy am I glad I did. Now I make my living doing what I love. Coaching others on their mental game. Yet now I am building a long term passive income stream that will pay me for life. And it makes money while I sleep. A nice little bonus.

Do what you love and the money will follow

What's your passion? Everyone has something they love and are good at. This is what you should be doing with your life! Then again I can't speak for you. You have your own dreams and needs. I respect each person's choices and decisions in life. We do what we feel is right for us each moment or we'd do something else.

Yet if you, like me and thousands of others, want more freedom and financial independence, explore what this company has to offer. They completely handle all the technical apsects of starting, building and maintaining a profitable online business.

The key word here is "profitable". Many fly by night, get rich quick marketers litter the internet and speak of the millions you'll make overnight. Yeah right. I'm talking about a legitimate business enterprise and doing what you love. And they saved me literally thousands of dollars in the process!

Verify the quality and profitability of their services yourself.

Working from the comfort of your own home instead of dragging yourself out of bed each morning to make someone else rich. I have come to learn that the internet truly provides one of the last legitimate ways to earn a substantial living with minimal risk.

There are few words that can describe the satisfaction of living your passion and getting paid for it! Take a look at what they can do for you. Who knows, you might just build your dream too! 

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