Anxiety in Golf - Who me? Never!

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(cont.,) ...make the swing we consciously practiced all those countless hours! The conscious mind is like the tip of a massive iceberg while your unconscious floats beneath the surface.

When we give the disproportionate amount of attention to the "smallest" part of the iceberg, we are unwittingly drowning our potential. Your personal peak states are calmly resting beneath the surface of your conscious awareness waiting to be accessed.

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Yet they remain forever out of reach when we become locked in our conscious thoughts. When we focus on what people are thinking about us, what will happen if I lose, what if I win, geez, I can barely swallow, what if I miss this putt....and so on.

It's a 2 way street with our thoughts generating anxiety and our nerves causing even more thoughts of anxiety. A viscous circle to say the least.

The end of anxiety

Now I want you to imagine the wonderful calmness you'll feel when you know how to anchor your most resourceful, confident, relaxed and focused state of being, any time you need it....and being able to tap your potential at will.

How much of an edge will you have over virtually everyone you play? The difference that makes the difference in peak performance is one of being able to access your personal potential when you need it most.

While most everyone else is relying on luck or chance circumstance to help them into a positive state, you are following your "inner game-plan" and confidently making the right swing at the right time.

If you haven't spent some time going through this website do yourself a favor and take some time now to do so. It is loaded with powerful tools for developing your inner game. Any anxiety in golf you might have will soon be gone...and how good will that be?

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