Performance Anxiety In Golf: No, it's not just a sexual problem...

"Lowest scores ever..."

"I shot one of my lowest scores ever at TPC Summerlin on ladies day!!"

Thanks, Netty,
Palm Springs, USA

Performance anxiety in golf: it's a paralyzing force in many players' games...

A few beads of sweat rolled off his brow as he lined up his 6 footer for par on the first hole. With a half committed putt, the result equaled the quality of his stroke: weak and short.

"Geez, I'm shakin' inside. I'm frickin' nervous" he says to me in a soft breath so as not to arouse the attention of the rest of our playing partners....And this was only men's day..... Visit this page to learn how to end performance anxiety.


Hey, everyone gets nervous sometime! It might be as simple as a men's day event or when teeing it up in the club championship. Perhaps it's on the first tee of Q-School, or the last hole needing birdie to get your tour card.

We All Get A Little Nervous Sometimes..

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No matter how good or bad we are at golf, it always comes down to the mental game.

Maybe it's when you're grinding it out with your friends over $20 and you haven't won in several matches.

Whatever it is, we all have moments where our nerves take their toll. Whether it be a slight jittery feeling or full blown competitive stress, also known as performance anxiety in golf.

Some people try to manage their nerves through various means. Others do their best to bury them. Attempts at denying our nerves only serves to disempower us from playing to our potential.

Butterflies are great as long as they're flying in formation.

Performance Anxiety and Self Worth

Performance anxiety links into deep seeded perceptions of self worth. How this anxiety shows itself on the golf course may not be as severe as panic disorder but it most definitely cripples our ability to perform at our peak. The more we measure our abilities and successes on how others will perceive us, the more nerves influence our behavior.

I'll say that again...The more we measure our actions and abilities on how others will perceive us, the more our nerves influence our performance.

Have you ever noticed the times when you could care less about what people thought about you? And if it was a time when you were playing sports you likely performed quite well. When you have no regard for what others think of you you are free to focus on what it is you actually want to achieve!

Now of course this is not the only cause of performance anxiety in golf.

Do You Want it Too Much?

We often get ourselves so psyched up from our intense desire to win and what it will mean to us that we choke off our natural abilities. We become excessively conscious minded. This is my definition of choking.

When we become trapped in our conscious mind when playing we choke off our innate connection with our natural abilities. It is our unconscious that allows us to... click the following link to read the rest of the post on performance anxiety in golf.

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