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Fitness for golf - Fitness of mind and body are both essential components of playing your very best golf. Quality exercise feeds the mind and the body. I'll cover several aspects of golf related fitness and give you a few exercises to get you in shape for your game.

If you feel strong when you play and you work on building strength in golf specific muscle groups, the club feels lighter, your swing feels more powerful and the game feels more effortless.

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Stretching, as you know, must be done before playing. The risk of pulled muscles and just the basic lack of flexibility is good reason for being stretched properly.

Side comment:

Most of you reading this will be frequent visitors of my site and will likely have read many of the pages. You know I provide great content and very rarely recommend any golf products on any of the 200+ pages in this site. The product must be exceptional before I recommend it.

Golf Fitness must be fun!

My commitment is to my readers and visitors and those of you who own my mental game program. In a bit I'll tell you about a great program I found that makes golf fitness a blast. I assure you, I never thought I'd use the word "blast" and fitness in the same sentence!

Being focused on fitness I looked for some good stretching routines I could put to use just before teeing off. I learned a few excellent stretching moves from Greg Norman.

These stretches increased my flexibility immediately. I use them before each round. What is particularly good about these is how efficient they are. There are 3 separate yet similar stretches that take no more than 2 minutes combined and you can step right to the first tee without feeling like as stiff as a board.

They are simple. First, while standing up place a driver across your back, horizontally, and hold it in place with the inside of your elbows. So your arms are at your side, a bit behind you, holding the club inside your elbows.

This exercise and a critical review of how to choose a program on fitness for golf is continued here.

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