Peak performance in golf: What are the keys?

Peak performance in golf - Each of us at some point in our golfing life has had the experience of peak performance. Of playing at our own personal peak. Isn't it the best feeling going!? That seemingly effortless power we generate and confident swings that come from this, the most satisfying of golfing states!


Yet it seems so fleeting doesn't it?

Like some magical even mystical place that graces us with its presence only when it chooses! It seems like playing at our peak just sort of happens to us without us understanding how. Without us knowing exactly what we did to enter that state.

Is it possible to consciously enter this state at will? If so, is there only one way? Are all states created equal? Does each person have their own unique state of inner excellence with an equally unique doorway to enter it?

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The Peak Performance Discovery

Years ago I discovered that each of us has our own innate peak performance state that is entered by following specific sensory steps. 99 times out of 100 this peak state is entered completely unconsciously.

The components that make up your peak state may be, in a general sense, similar to anyone else's peak state yet the way in which you enter that state is very different.

My desire to get out and work with players and to improve my own game took me away from a plan to do my Masters on peak performance. I have developed a completely unique system of accessing your own "zone" or peak performance state.

This system is built upon a proprietary framework I discovered when completing college. This framework is actually a mental and sensory guide for how each person unconsciously enters the zone.

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