Mental Imagery: The Key to Peak Performance

Mental Imagery for golf Without question by employing a well constructed mental imagery program performance can be greatly improved. At the highest levels of competitive sports those who do not use imagery as part of their overall training are in the minority.

What makes it so effective in influencing our performance? Does it have different applications for the game of golf? Are there certain types of mental imagery that are more effective than others?

There are several kinds of imagery. They range in application from health and business, to sports and relationships. Using mental imagery has gained universal support as new areas of research have evolved.

In particular the field of health care has many practitioners integrateing imagery into their wellness programs. With phenomenal results.

We'll use imagery often within my program so let's first take a look at the main types of imagery and their applications:

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Different Kinds of Mental Imagery

    Feeling state imagery - the most basic form of imagery with the focus being on changing ones mood

    Energetic Imagery - follows the Ayurvedic and Chinese ideas about health. Its goal is to manipulate the "life force" or vital energy within the body

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    End State Imagery - Thinking from the end and experiencing yourself as already being/having what you want. This is the most often used performance enhancing imagery mentioned in this list and the one we'll be using extensively in the mental game system.

    Cellular Imagery - moving ones attention deeply into the cellular activity with the intent of instructing the cells to alter their behavior. Used in health care: cancer and other diseases.

    Phyisological Imagery - A far more "macro" approach than the cellular. The individual places their attention on the certain areas of the body itself.

    Metaphoric Imagery - Using metaphoric imagery to produce results. For example visualizing Pac-Men eating cancer cells. Or imagining the hinges of a creaky door frame being lubricated and feeling your stiff joints loosen.

    Psychological Imagery - designed to shift internal self perceptions. Self image work.

    Spiritual Imagery - attention is directed toward a higher sense of self and connection with the world/universe.

If you're truly serious about developing your mental game in any sport, and golf in particular, you MUST master the use of mental imagery. By merging the best of each type of mental imagery into your mental game training you gain the most potent framework for tapping your potential. Your scores will drop. Period.

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