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A wise man once said that having a personal mentor, or mental game golf coach, is the fastest way to achieve your goals in the game. Find a person who has been there before and learn everything you can from them. Model the success of others.

Modeling is a basic learning strategy that every one of us uses to acquire new knowledge and skills. As a child you modeled your parents and teachers, for better of for worse.

Having a mental game golf coach can accelerate the development of your mental game by light years. To fumble around in the labyrinth of your conscious thoughts while trying to use the power of your mind on the golf course is a hit and miss approach, if you'll pardon the pun.

And relying on a few simple tips that you picked up online is equally short sighted. This approach doesn't lead to serious improvement. As we know, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Choosing a mental game golf coach

Lee Trevino was once asked why he never took lessons from anyone. His reply: "When I find someone who can beat me I'll take lessons from him." He clearly believed that the application of their knowledge was the truest measure of their ability to teach him anything.

Now this of course is not the only way to look at things. Most every top athlete has a coach and the athlete is obviously superior in skill to their coach. Yet Lee's point is still valid in selecting a coach.

Before we choose a coach it's useful to identify what reasons exist to encourage you to work with one. What are some other benefits of using an inner game golf coach?

One of the more prominent advantages is that you have someone outside of you keeping you aligned with your goals. Their interest as a coach is completely centered on your success. This is a great feeling!

What could be better than having a personal cheerleader for your dreams AND it be someone who has key skills for helping you achieve them!? Here's a small list of things you gain by choosing to work with a mental game golf coach:

    Strategic Goal Setting


    Practical application of inner game techniques

    Clear guidance along the way

    Accelerated learning

    One-on-one assistance throughout your mental game development

    Clearing up inner roadblocks toward mastery

The list of benefits of working with a coach is too long for a simple webpage yet these few areas are enough reason to engage the services of a mental game golf coach.

So how do you select a coach? What criteria should you look for in your selection process? What areas of mental game development are most important to you and how do you determine which coach is best for you?

There are specific things you can pay attention to that will help you identify a coach that is right for you. Let's take a closer look.

How to choose a Mental Game Golf Coach.

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