Goals in Golf - Why You Should Have Them

Goals in your golf game - Most everyone has set goals at some point in their lives. Have you? What makes some goals so easy to accomplish while others take every ounce of our energy to achieve? Why is it that some goals don't even get our serious attention and never even get off the ground?

The area of goals is a fascinating study. The mental game program goes into detail on goals and how to truly make them real.

We have career goals, goals in golf, financial goals, relationship goals, life goals, driver distance goals, putting goals, etc., etc.. When you write out your goals do you have a plan for their fulfillment?

Do you really get into each goal and imagine what it would be like to achieve it and how you might go about getting it?

Goals are essential in order to play golf at your very best. Yet just setting goals is next to useless. Countless people set goals and give themselves warm fuzzies for having done so. Yet they have no plans or ideas on how to fulfill them.

So what good does this do? When your goals aren't met guess what you naturally do? You set them less and less! It becomes a negative cycle. The exact opposite of what goals are meant for in the first place.

The "Golf Goals Study" That Will Change Your Game

A great study was done many years ago. It involved asking a class of college graduates if they had written goals. Only 3% had written goals. They were goals for various areas of their lives.

Many years later the group was followed up on to find out what happened to each graduate. The study revealed that the 3% who had written goals were worth, in financial terms, more than the other 97% combined! Now if that doesn't light a fire under your butt I don't know what will!

But what is it that makes us pursue some goals while letting others slide from view? How do we get committed to our goals and not simply write them down only to forget about most of them a month later?

Would you be interested in exploring your goals in the deepest most powerful ways possible? I have developed a goal setting process that absolutely ignites your potential and connects your deepest values to the fulfillment of your goals.

It is more of a Goal Achievement process than merely a goal setting plan. I'll give you details on it a bit later. More on goals in golf here and how to set them.

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