Goal Setting and How to Turbocharge Your Results

Goal Setting - Our values are the fuel in the engine of our goals and dreams. Without a process within a goal setting program that connects our values with our dreams and plans, we are unlikely to follow through on our initial commitments. This applies equally to golf as well as any and every life goal.

For example, if you don't connect your deepest values to the desire to be fit and healthy then setting weight loss goals becomes ineffective. In fact, the only exercise you'd get is an exercise in futility. And that might not be enough exercise to shed those pounds....

What would it be worth to you to have a goal setting formula that virtually compels you to take action toward your outcomes? Would you value a process that shows you how to have your internal motivation naturally merged with the goals you set?

There are five basic elements to achieving any outcomes you set:

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1. What do I want?

2. How will I get it?

3. When do I want it by

4. How will I know when I reach my goal?

5. How might I stop myself?

Goal Setting Building Blocks

These are the building blocks of a solid goal setting program. In each of these areas there are several levels you need to integrate in order to supercharge your results. Knowing these levels will literally propel you toward your goals as naturally as putting one foot in front of the other.

I have a complete and detailed chapter dedicated to the area of goals. It's in the mental game course I'll tell you about in a moment. You will learn how to set clear, sensory specific, action generating goals. Your values, fully linked to your goal, are the motivation for their fulfillment.

It is an art and a science that can transform your beliefs in what is possible, and what you are capable of.

This is a goal setting process everyone can use in any area of your life. Not only golf. It is the most comprehensive approach to goal achievement available anywhere.

I created an extremely powerful and equally practical mental game training program that shows you exactly how to catapult your goal setting into reality! While this ebook is clearly dedicated to golfers the goal setting section alone is more then worth its price.

Many goal setting programs don't even come close to the power of the process in this book. And they cost upwards of a hundred dollars!

Simply writing goals is not enough. You need that something extra that transforms your connection with your plans and compels you to reach them! Find a goal setting" process that has success built into it.

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