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The junior golf mental game is all about the joy of playing fearless, go for broke golf. Are you a junior golfer or a parent of one/many? Perhaps you run a golf program for youths. Tapping their potential and stimulating their natural gifts is both an art and a science.

If you play golf you too, remember the tremendous joy of hitting solid golf shots and playing at your best. Take a moment to do this now. It may seem simple, yet strategically applying this process is a major key to having a strong junior golf mental game. junior golf mental game image

Teens and younger players are often taken down a path of learning that is completely opposite to what's best for them. This can cause them to lose touch with this effortless fun.

Let me ask you a question. If you had a choice, would you rather play fearless, carefree golf with pure joy for the game, or play serious, deeply focused, procedural golf, monitoring your swing and "working" on your swing during each round?

Take a few moments to consider the above question. Neither is necessarily "better" than the other. Yet one approach will most certainly improve your chances of playing to your full potential and experiencing more joy, more than the other. Not everyone learns the same way. Using your mind as it is designed will greatly assist in playing your best.

Junior Golfers play best when Inspired!

The above paragraphs highlight several issues when it comes to encouraging the best from teens and kids who golf. One is the obvious bias of the current golf instruction industry toward technical, left brained teaching methods.

The technical player enjoys, and can perform well by, "thinking swing" and learning/playing procedural golf. Yet the natural or mental imagery type of player is being crippled by this approach! I am not overstating this one bit.

It is essential to know what your approach to learning/playing is before you begin any serious golf instruction. Match your style to the right teacher. Not the other way around. Typically everyone attempts to "learn" the way the instructor is teaching. Big mistake if their approach is opposite to your, or your junior golfer's, learning style.

Find the heart of a champion

The heart of a champion is found through truly knowing yourself as a player. Are you a parent of a junior golfer? Take some time to notice how your child learns in other areas of life. Notice them while they're playing and learning new games. This will give some insight on how they naturally use the mind.

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If kids are to grow up into becoming phenomenal players (if this is your/their goal), staying connected to that joy filled inner game is the "key". Play that brand of fearless golf that encourages you to play your best.

Golf is meant to be easy, and it can be if we learn to use our mind the way it's designed. We're all unique and this should be viewed as a strength, not a weakness. Make it show by having a strong junior golf mental game!

There's an accelerated learning system within this mental game coaching program that will dramatically improve the skills of every junior golfer.

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