Inner Game of Golf

The Inner Game of Golf guides the outer game. They are mutually dependent. Regardless of your current skill level your mind/body/emotion relationship virtually predetermines the quality of golf you will play.

The are many excellent books on the inner game. Timothy Gallwey is often referred to as the guru of the inner game. He wrote a book many years ago, which is the first book I read on the subject, that lays the foundation for the inner game philosophy.

Now there are numerous sport psychologists and mental game coaches that expand on the inner game/mental game arena and its' influence on performance. While all roads do eventually lead to Rome, as the saying goes, some roads are time consuming detours.

By the time you do make it to Rome you're so confused, you're not even sure why you were on the journey in the first place! Or even where you've been along the way... Being a mental game coach has lead me far and wide along the road of inner game discovery.

From inner game theory to results

Reading the many books, and more importantly attempting to apply the ideas, I found the vast majority of books to be very "conceptual" in content. Abstract ideas with encouraging suggestions to acquire a "zen-like" state. Yet nothing practical.

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This is not a criticism of any of the authors of these great mental game resources. No, it's more of a statement of the nature of inner game subject matter.

Seemingly few coaches and/or sport psychologists have the skill, or mental acuity, to transform the information into practical use.

The bridge between the mind and body remains an unnecessarily wide expanse. Your thoughts, feelings and desires and your bodies' ability/willingness to produce these desires into physical form, continue to be at odds. Why is this?

This is exactly the question that put me on the path of discovery and research into the inner game of golf. I spent over 7 years studying the pros, consuming books, working with clients, and applying any and every technique on the inner game of golf.

In fact I took up the game of golf seriously at the same time I embarked on this inner game odyssey! It was a way to apply, verify and test the inner game knowledge I was acquiring. Over time I developed cutting edge inner game strategies that transform your inner game from one of "concepts" to actual results and lower scores.

Your inner game journey and choosing your path

The benefit of this intensely focused and monitored process is that I have reduced these inner game "abstractions" down to usable techniques. To what actually improves performance and lowers scores in the real world.

I wasn't satisfied with theories of the inner game of golf or "inner peace" in my game. Or "keeping a positive attitude." While these are the time worn cliche's of peak performance, they are hollow compared to the power of anchoring states of excellence and having your game on auto pilot.

I have extracted the best of the best inner game ideas and merged them with several proprietary strategies. The result? A practical peak performance peak performance plan for lowering scores and playing the best golf you are capable of playing.

I encourage every student of the inner game of golf to continue their inner game journey. As the "the road of self discovery is forever under construction..." Learning is a life long process.

Yet the materials you use, and the path you take, make the journey what it is. Either a rocky ride filled with potholes and frustrating detours, or an exhilarating adventure that provides stimulation and fulfillment from knowing we are on the right path.

If you consider my approach to be of value to your journey it will be my privilege to assist you. I am confident my material will help lay a permanent foundation for the construction of a solid inner game of golf.

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