Tiger Woods Mental Game

Tiger Woods' mental game is clearly superior to most every golfer and has been for the past 15 years or so. Besides his obvious talent he possesses something no other player in the game has: a complete commitment to his mental game. Not just once in a while or only when things are going good but on every shot his attention is focused. Even over the past two VERY difficult years.

Tiger Woods' single mindedness became the stuff of legend and he's still only in his mid 30's. The consistent use of a well tuned mental game strategy placed Tiger Woods a full step ahead of the rest of the golf world. At least up until recently.

He employed hypnosis and various mental game techniques to improve his performance throughout his youth. The book Think Like Tiger details some of this. Mental imagery and other forms of visualization were also used consistently. Tiger Woods' mothers' Buddhist teachings had a positive impact on his ability to direct and calm his mind.

The Mental Game and How Tiger Woods Plays Golf

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ā€œIā€™m very open minded toward any innovation that can potentially make me a better player. What really excites me is the prospect of even greater breakthroughs in all of these areas.ā€

If you're ready to build a solid mental game you can take advantage of these breakthroughs in Whole Mind Golf and the personalized mental game audio & video coaching sessions that are a part it. These sessions contain the most current techniques that are beyond what Tiger used in his early mind training with his father and other instructors.

So why am I writing about Tiger Woods? It is quite simple really. There is no better example of a person applying a solid mental game and producing results that are almost beyond belief.

Having studied Tiger Woods and a number of other top golfers for years it's clear virtually all of them have mind coaches. Indeed every real golfer employs the resources of some form of mental game coaching.

Tiger Woods developed the mindset of a winner

Tiger Woods had that uncanny ability to remain in the moment. If there's one thing that stands out it's that most every top performer, in every sport, is skilled at using their minds in a way the majority of players are not. They can sustain a degree of intense focus which separates them from the field. tiger woods mental focus image

Their mental game allows them to maintain a balanced perspective on their round and a belief that "it ain't over 'til it's over". They trust the process implicitly. Read that again! This ingredient is one of the fundamental differences between top performers and the also-rans.

While it is highly unlikely you or I will get to be as gifted and talented as Tiger Woods, each and every one of us can copy his mindset and use our inner game to play our very best. Without a doubt you can develop your mental game to a point that will amaze yourself and absolutely improve your game and your scores.

Use Tiger Woods' techniques in your own game

My skills in expert performance modeling provided me with a laser like insight into the exact mental strategies that Tiger Woods uses to get into his peak resource states. They are taught step by step in the mental game coaching program mentioned below.

Modeling top performers in the game gives you the purest shortcut towards playing your best golf on a consistent basis. Regardless of your skill level, you will know how to play to your personal peak at each stage of your skill development. Mental Game Videos

Tiger Woods Mental Game

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