Visualization for Golf - Feeling with your mind's eye

Visualization for golf - Notice in the above headline on visualization I didn't say "seeing" with the mind's eye? This is the major mistake people make when thinking about it. If you want to truly benefit from visualization then make this distinction once and for all and you'll more fully benefit from it.

To excel in your game you must visualize properly. Yet it isn't about just seeing. It is more of a feeling with your eyes.

If you have golfed for any length of time you have either used or heard of others using visualization for golf to play better. Especially during the pre-shot planning stage.


Sam Snead would say that he'd paint a picture in the sky of the shot he planned to hit. Jack Nicklaus would clearly see the shot shape, trajectory and even how the ball would react when landing before he made his swing.

Putting & Visualization

When it came to putting he was often questioned as to why he took so long while standing over a putt before making his stroke. His reply was, " I never make the stroke until I know it's going in." He would be seeing it go in the hole constantly until he was convinced he'd hole it.

He wouldn't take the putter back until he felt it with his mind's eye. Very worthy to learn from the best. Whatever your personal routine is, you want to commit to it like Jack did.

Virtually every golfer who has reached an above average level of play uses some form of visualization. Within the pages of this website, and in a much more serious and focused way in the mental game program , you'll notice frequent use of visualization techniques and advanced performance enhancing mental imagery applications.

I make a distinction between the two that is important to be clear on. I suggest that when you read these terms as we move along here you look at visualization as the act of using your inner senses during your rounds.

Imagery, on the other hand, is the pre-round mental game process you'll be doing as you develop your inner game.

Visualization - To "see or not to see"

    Pre-shot planning - this is the stage just prior to your actual pre-shot routine. The moments when you reach your ball and assess your lie, distance, target, etc..

    Pre-shot routine - naturally this is the prime time to use your inner gifts! Here is where you enter your most desired state and "paint your shot in the sky".

    Post-shot Routine - I can count the number of club players that use a Post shot routine on one hand. Oh, unless of course you call slamming a club into the ground a post shot routine! Most pros have at least a generalized post-shot process.