How to Visualize your way to lower scores

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Ok, we were talking about various stages of your game where learning how to visualize is key. Let's continue.

    Between-shot routine - My guess is not many of you have ever heard this term before. It is a rare concept to be sure. Yet as you develop your mental game you will grow to understand this is where the game is often won and lost.

    This is where you want to establish your internal playing rhythm and learn to move from a relaxed, casual mindset while walking to your shot. Then effortlessly move your attention into game mode as you approach your ball.

    This is the time you want all your focus. When you learn how to visualize properly and apply it habitually you will reach a new level in your game.

    Chipping - being able to see different ways to make a shot around the green can literally transform your short game. If you can see it, your mind will summon the ways in which to achieve it!

    Putting - from green reading, to sensing slope with your feet, and learning to "feel" the break instead of only seeing it. Visualization and imagination are the hallmarks of the best putters.

In each of the above areas there are specific techniques you will use. how to visualize.jpg Your mental game takes the proverbial quantum leap when you properly apply "in round" visualization. Couple this with a concise imagery program and you quite literally seperate yourself from the field.

My years of teaching these tools to others and applying them in my own game has proved beyond doubt that there is simply no way to move your game to its highest possible level as quickly as developing a fundamentally sound mental game. Period.

Developing the skill of how to viualize effectively is essential to your inner game. Merely thinking in mental "concepts" just won't cut it.

You gain from my years of personal testing and can avoid the many useless sideroads that lead nowhere in developing your inner game.

I developed Minding Your Game so golfers of every level of skill can gain the enormous benefits of having a solid mental game. Learning how to visualize and using the strategies in this book I took my game from a 26 handicap to 3 and have helped countless others achieve their goals.

You can purchase by clicking on the above link and download it immediately. You'll begin seeing positive results in your very next round. No hype. Just solid, applicable strategies for tapping your potential and accessing your own unique peak performance states.

Take the mental game course.

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