Course Management in Golf is the Key to Low Scores.

Course management in golf - How many times have you heard this before: "You have to manage your game. It is essential to playing good golf." Or "You have to think your way around the course."

The average player is least likely to employ these suggestions. Yet even pros on the men's and lady's tours fall victim to "internal distractions" that take them out of their games.

Have you read articles on golf course management and/or watched shows on it? There really isn't a lot of coverage on it, is there? Now why do you think that is? It isn't sexy enough. It seems so serious. Most people would rather hear about a new swing tip or look to just buy a better driver.

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"Yeah, that'll solve it...I'm certain it's because I'm not hitting it far enough." "Maybe another dozen lessons will make me score better!" Now of course I'm not suggesting lessons aren't an asset or new clubs don't help, of course they can and do.

I am saying that everyone can lower their scores by applying even basic course management in golf. And it doesn't cost you a red cent. It helps to know the rules of golf as well and understand your attitude as it relates to the rules.

3 steps to proper course management

There are only 3 steps to proper course management in golf:

1. Know Your Playing Style - Playing styles reveal what your overall mindset is as a player. I developed these insights after years of noticing how my clients played. As well, I modeled the best players in the world. This knowledge adds incredible consistency to your game and makes shooting low scores a habit.

2. Knowing the layout of the course/hole - Each hole is best played in reverse; from the green back to the tee. Knowing how the green is positioned and where the pin is determines where you will aim your tee shot so you're left with the best approach shot possible.

3. Thinking clearly before you play a shot - assessing your lie, course conditions, worst case scenarios, best possible miss, current position in a match/tournament, etc., and relating this information to your playing style. This brings absolute certainty into decision making.

Good course management requires you use your mind more efficiently and it pays immediate and lasting dividends. Not only lower scores and consistency: it brings peace of mind. Knowing your playing style shows you what it really means to play within yourself.

You see managing your game and using your mind to the best of your ability is the least expensive (it,s free) and most influential thing you can do to play better golf. Big headed drivers and perimeter weighted irons are great but they keep costing you money!

Make course management in golf a mental game habit and learn to play "your style" of golf. It will naturally become a part of your golf game.

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