Mental Game Audio Sessions

The mental game audio sessions are the result of years of testing with clients. It became clear my online customers wanted the same one-on-one input my offline clients are receiving so I created a series of inner game audio coaching sessions.

These mental game audio programs allowed me to provide one-on-one mental game coaching that really helps you integrate the strategies outlined in the book, quickly.

I've always found great value in listening to performance enhancing audio while I'm working around the house or driving in my car. It reinforced what I was learning and really accelerated my integration of what I was practicing.

So I thought to myself how could I improve this? What could I do to give every serious student of the mental game a personal coaching session so they too can benefit even more than they already are with the mental game training course.

Personalized Mental Game Audio Coaching

Personalized mental game audio was born...It hit me one morning, my favorite time of day ;-), that should create a variety of mental game audio coaching sessions and let you determine which area is most relevant to your growth.

So instead of having a generic audio CD or mp3 that helps in an overall sense, I would design and record a series of individualized sessions. This way I could mirror the personal aspect of my one-on-one mental game coaching sessions with my "offline" clients and give you the same results.

Mental game audio coaching sessions are without doubt the most powerful way to increase the development of your inner game skills. While you continue to practice the material in the book these audio sessions enhance their effectiveness.

Mental Game Audio takes coaching to the next level

    Guided Imagery - every exercise in the book that relates to advanced visualization exercises and mental imagery exercises will be available. I guide you just as if I was working with you directly.

    The performance anxiety session is particularly great for driving in your car before an important round of golf!

    Anchoring Sessions - I received direct requests for this one almost as soon as the book was released for sale. It is a very important one. Now you will be taken step by step through the entire process and deeply install your most confident and resourceful state.

    The Slump Killer - this session alone is worth the cost of admission. Every one of us has reached stages in our game when nothing goes our way. The hole shrinks to the size of a thimble and when we stand on the tee box the fairway looks no wider than a band-aid.

    If we allow this state of mind to continue for any length of time we are in for a rough ride and some ugly scores. Fortunately you now know about the slump killer.

    When you use the Slump Killer slumps will become a distant memory. This works immediately so you can confidently return to your peak performing self.

    Playing in the Flow - Many people refer to this as the Zone. The zone has been overused and misused to the point of being lifeless and ineffective at expressing the peak golfing state. You'll learn how to know what the "zone" is and how each of us has our own unique peak performance state.

    You'll be guided into yours and develop a system to habituate it. How much more effective do you think you'll be if you're able to play from this state? This is the cream of the crop in mental game coaching.

It doesn't matter what handicap or skill level you play the game at. It was, is, and always will be YOUR MIND that determines how well you play. I offer you my commitment in assisting you in playing the best golf you can. Consistently.

The mental game audio coaching sessions are available now and accompany every purchase of the inner game program.

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