NLP and Golf

NLP and golf are a natural fit. They form the proverbial hand in glove relationship. NLP is based on modeling, so what better than to model the best golfers in the world and use their mental game strategies to improve your game?

As a Master Practitioner/Trainer in NLP I modeled the best golfers in the world over a period of 11 years and developed numerous strategies for improving performance and lowering scores. This is what happens when you merge Nlp and golf. Using the techniques I developed I dropped from a 26 handicap to a 3, without any golf lessons.

The mental game system is an owner's manual for the mental game of golf. If there's a process that assists you in playing to your full potential, then it's in this program.

Golf, at its heart, is truly one of the most mentally demanding games on the planet. NLP and golf is all about experiencing personal excellence through the application of mental strategies. A perfect marriage I'd say.

One of the main challenges with golf is that you spend a disproportionate amount of time "thinking" about the game rather than actually playing it.

In an average 4 and 1/2 hour round you "play" golf for about a total of 30 or so minutes. This includes your pre-shot routine time and the actual swing. So over 4 hours is spent thinking, analyzing, criticizing, worrying, focusing, and on and on.

NLP in golf is about managing your mind

Minding Your Game Mental Game Training Program is a pure inner game golf training based on NLP processes, whole brain learning applications, and advanced mental imagery.

Applying NLP in your golf game frees the grip your conscious mind has on things and allows you to stay in the moment and play the game. Accessing you optimal performance states is the key to playing the best you can play, regardless of your handicap. Look at this product as an excellent resource for creating optimal performance states.

There seems to be so much time for us to unravel and get distracted over the course of a round. So what do we do to improve our game knowing this reality? It all comes down to states.

If you are serious about improving your scores and increasing your satisfaction then you must learn how to step into your most resourceful and effective states possible. And then anchor these states to various triggers so you can play the game from a state of flow. (more on what anchors are a little later)

Flow is a state of oneness, effortlessness and pure pleasure. The essence of flow is to unconsciously play the game from a place of inner excellence and stillness. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote the definitive book on Flow and its various stages.

NLP directly improves the experience of "flow" in Golf

In his book he demonstrates how flow is experienced when we find the balance between the inherent struggle to meet a challenge and our present ability to master that challenge.

We wouldn't play golf at all if we didn't have the belief that we can hit the ball and make it go a certain distance. Yet the challenge of making this a reality is what keeps us addicted. We are forever in search of "flow".

The discrepancy that exists between the pursuit of mastery and its attainment is what gives us our experience of flow. Yet the demands of the game are vast and our ability to meet these challenges is often inadequate, which causes frustration and dissatisfaction. The antithesis of flow.

To experience that wonderful state of flow AND play the very best golf you are capable of requires a new relationship to the game. There is no greater combination of mental game knowledge as potent as nlp and golf. It allows you to naturally enter your peak states and make this process completely automatic.

In this way flow will not only be far more achievable, it will be inevitable. How good will that be? The following link will take you to an exercise on NLP and Golf.

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