Mental Game Golf Affiliate Program

The Mental Game Golf affiliate program is generous. You have the opportunity to promote my new product - Whole Mind Golf - Unlock Your Mind & Lower Your Scores.

The complete rebranding and positioning of my products is now complete. There is much more revenue available for serious affiliates, as you'll see below...

An Affiliate Program That Pays

The Whole Mind Golf affiliate program.

    Whole Mind Golf Package (video/audio/ebook) & newsletter - $57

    Affiliates get 50% commission on initial sale plus a recurring commission for 2 more months if your referred customer purchases this upsell and continues paying for both months)

Ongoing Support and Product Updates

Once you've signed up you'll gain access to articles and banners of various sizes as well.

Important! You are NOT allowed to copy, cut and paste or duplicate ANY of the pages of my website! This will result in immediate loss of affiliation and the loss of any funds owed to you prior to the dismissal.

Join today. Simply complete the submission form on the bottom of the page and I will review your application.

What You Get

Direct support from me - I will provide you with articles and a small viral ebook.

Marketing help - if you require marketing assistance I can provide support via promotional strategies, etc.. No charge, of course.

Marketing material - no cost marketing resources like Free Affiliate marketing ebooks, seo tactics, linking strategies. These are top of the pack resources. Not fluff.

Super affiliates earn sales bonuses - sales targets required

Proprietary info - the material in my book, audio v&ideo sessions are exclusive and top shelf material. Returns are non-existent. You can see on my sales page the incredible guarantee I offer.

Long term opportunity - since the golf industry is consistently growing and the area of mental game coaching is actually just getting traction. The upside to mental game material is rising and will only hit critical mass several years from now.

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