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Sport psychology articles. At its core, sport psychology is all about states. Articles on this page will cater to this aspect of sports psychology.

With the term "states" I'm referring to the internal states which generate the most direct influence on performance. Needless to say, fitness, how you treat your body, mental training regiments, and other areas are home to the field of sport psychology.

Yet in the final analysis ones ability to enter appropriate states is the defining element in sport psychology. Look at any top level athlete in competition and you'll find a living example of applied sports psychology.

Sport Psyschology Article Content

A brief list of focus areas are as follows:

    What is the best state for a given situation/competition?

    Which mental exercises produce the most superior results?

    What is a true peak performance state, specifically?

    Do visualization strategies and mental imagery training measurably influence performance?

    If so, which kinds of mental imagery and visualization methods are most effective?

    Is there a generic approach that every athlete can utilize to play at their peak or are there applications of sport psychology that are specific to each individual?

This is a good starting point for our discussion and will serve as the basis for future Sport psychology articles to be added to this page. They will focus on sports psychology as it applies to any sport including Olympics, track and field, golf, gymnasts, triathletes, team sports psychology, skiing, etc..

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Sports Psychology Articles

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Sport Psychology Articles

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Sport Psychology Articles

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