Golf Hypnosis

Golf hypnosis can really assist in developing a proper state of mind on the golf course. Yet what is golf hypnosis, really? And why would you want to do it? Is there another or "other" ways to achieve peak performance without it?

So many players seek hypnosis as a means to improve their golf game yet it's important to understand what you're doing and what the effects and implications are.

What do I mean by this? Simply put, when you're conscious mind is "off guard" (which is what is desired when using subliminal/golf hypnosis audio), your subconscious absorbs any and all things that are being pumped into it.

Why does this matter? Because a fundamental tenet of the unconscious mind is that the unconscious does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event, therefore it accepts everythingthat is coming to it as real. Ok, of course this is why it "works" yet this is also why it is dangerous.

Get the Same Benefits Without the Downside

This means you have to trust, implicitly, what the "programmer" has placed on/in the audio cd's/sessions. This is fine most of the time yet what if there is a better way to achieve personal excellence that is just as easy and provides more personal control? This is an excellent method for entering the zone. In fact you can read more details on it throughout that site.

Once you understand the relationship between the unconscious and conscious mind you will have a key to "merging" their respective powers and truly gaining the maximum benefits from your mind. And in a way that doesn't expose your unconscious to any downside risk.

The conscious mind is designed to notice details, ask questions, think in a linear fashion. While the subconscious accepts images, feelings, sensations as real and responds to your imagination more than literal thought. So learn to use your imagination instead of relying on golf hypnosis alone.

Know Thyself and Master Your Mind

The key to benefiting from golf hypnosis is to impress your subconscious with positive, resourceful, powerful images of personal excellence. There are over 100 pages of mental imagery based exercises in the mental game training course focused on how to install the most potent states and winning sensations for you.

This ensures your game will improve because your physiology will respond the most repeated images in your unconscious mind. In other words, the most habituated images in your mind, the most repetitive self talk, and the most dominant feelings you carry with you become what you experience in reality.

You can experience more personal control over your mind when you integrate both the conscious and subconscious mind instead of merely relying on and "easy" programming session with golf hypnosis. Learn how and experience true mastery in golf.

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