Golf Training Aids that work

Golf training aids can be a useful addition to your traditional golf instruction and mental game practice. Yet choosing the right one is often bewildering, isn't it?! There are many.

I scoured the internet with hopes of finding some truly legitimate golf training aids to critique and recommend. If you're interested in learning about a mental training aid this is an excellent product I use and recommend to my coaching clients.

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There are a few golf training aids that are worth a closer look. They assist golfers in specific ways. I have to admit my perception of the mind-numbing variety of training aids is somewhat cynical.

Perhaps I had the blinders on due to my commitment to the mental game and didn't open my eyes to the numerous golf training aids that are very practical.

Golf Training Aids to Consider

First we have the Medicus 5-Iron - This classic golf training aid places your focus on swing plane. Not a bad idea.

golf training aid.jpg

Yet make sure you don't sacrifice your innate feel by getting too carried away with making certain it matches the requirements of this golf training aid.

I am a firm believer that swing plane, overall, is one of the fundamental swing keys to hitting solid shots and playing consistent golf. This golf training aid does accomplish this. Combined with proper practice and focused instruction your improvement will be measurable.

Now this next training aid isn't really a swing training aid. It's more of a practice aid and a way to keep your swing in shape without going to the range. Or when it's the off season in those colder climates like mine!

Heavy Duty Golf Nets and regular Golf Nets - An excellent way to stay in the game when you can't get out and play or you have little time to practice. Merging this with mental game practice is a perfect way to not only keep your game sharp but to actually improve it.

Power Release - This golf training aid benefits greatly from swing plane practice. Delivering the clubhead squarely to the back of the ball is essential to hitting the ball solid.


If you click on the link or the picture you will see a page about the Dual Track. Skip that and scroll to the bottom of the page. Second link from the bottom you'll see the Power Release link.

This Power Release product is very similar to the Leadbetter Swing Setter, yet it's a little less expensive. The Leadbetter product is a little more robust and does focus on a few more aspects of the swing like grip, plane, tempo and release.

Yet in the final analysis they're both trying to improve swing plane/path and help you develop a strong release of the clubhead. This is something I did very poorly for several years. I used to play a fade and decided that if I was going to really improve my game I had to learn how to draw the ball.

Not that a draw is necessarily better than a fade, but a draw required me to aggressively release the clubhead through impact in order to turn the ball over. This did indeed help my distance and ball striking. These golf training aids all support this process and work well with each other.

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