Preshot Visualization Routine

A Preshot Visualization Routine is an absolutely essential component to making a good swing. Not integrating a visualization process into your preshot routine leaves your mind unfocused and open to many lapses of attention. Not what you want before making your swing.

What do you do while you prepare to shoot? Does your preshot routine include some form of visualization? Or do you simply walk right into your setup and swing away? For the sake of our discussion let's assume you have some form of a preshot routine.

If you don't then there is a specific section in the Minding Your Game Course dedicated to helping you design one that fits your nature.

Let's explore how to add an effective visualization process into your preshot routine.

Adding visualization to your preshot routine

Prior to every shot your preshot routine sets the stage for you to make your best swing. The consistency of it is key. When you have a simple visualization strategy to center and focus your mind you will play far better golf.

The visualization component is done at the beginning of your routine. Virtually every top player uses their mind properly in their preshot routine and starts the entire process with some form of visualization.

The first part of your preshot visualization routine will be to stand behind the ball, looking toward your target. Your target might be the center of the fairway, the right half of the green or the left edge of the cup. Be clear on your outcome/target before stepping into the physical aspect of your pre-shot routine

Literally "see" the ball flight or pace of the putt as it enters the hole. When teeing off with driver I encourage all of my clients to be as focused here as you would when putting. This narrowing of attention taps your subconscious mind and provides it with clear instructions of what you want to accomplish.

So stand behind your ball and look at your ball momentarily. Then trace an imaginary ball flight from the ball, as if you had just hit it, through the sky. Watch it travel on your desired trajectory right to your target. This only takes a couple seconds.

Now add one more element to the process. Feel what you are seeing. I expanded on this in the last issue of the mental game mastery ezine. True and effective visualization involves feeling with your mind's eye, not simply seeing. If you are only using visualization as a method of seeing your shot you are leaving half your cards on the table!

Paint a picture of your shot in your mind's eye

Once you have completed this simple process you can now naturally continue the rest of your preshot routine. Step into address and finish it as usual. Don't forget the value of a good swing trigger!

There are countless studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of strategically applied visualization. By channeling your mind toward inner game processes and beginning your preshot routine this way, your mind/body relationship is positively influenced.

With practice your swing will begin to mirror what you are seeing in your mind's eye. There are several other elements you can include into your preshot visualization routine. In fact mental imagery (a deeper form of this process), will solidify this process into your routine.

My peak performance coaching program is dedicated to advancing the inner game of golf. I go in depth into developing not only a preshot visualization routine but a post-shot and between shot routines as well. Only you know if the Mental Game Training is right for you. Find out.

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