Mental Imagery Part II

Over the years I experimented with all forms of mental imagery and realized that the traditional approach to peak performance is limited in its use of imagery.

As mentioned on the previous page end state imagery is the method most used in athletics. Without question it is powerful and definitely works. Yet what if it was possible to integrate the best aspects of every form of imagery?

Not only is it clearly possible, it's essential for tapping deeply into your inner vault of unconscious resources! It improves swing visualization immensely. The depth of sensory experience lets you feel as if you are actually doing what you are imagining.

Using this process to see and feel yourself making solid, balanced golf swings, created results that exceeded actual physical lessons for many people.


Minding Your Game Coaching provides you a specific step by step process for integrating these strategies into your golf game.

Key to the vault

During my 7 years of research and application of performance enhancing strategies I took the use of imagery to another level. All of you who choose to follow this system will gain immensely. Written material joined by guided imagery audio sessions.

I found that when you merge End state imagery with Metaphoric imagery and Energetic imagery you gain an incredibly powerful ability to manage your inner game. You feel a strong sense of calm and focus. Two perfect golfing states, wouldn't you agree?

By practicing these forms of imagery with a clear plan, your golf game consistently improves. Yet not just in one erea. The incredible benefits of this approach is that every area of your game improves. Your mindset. Your emotions. Your decision making ability. Your swing. Your technique. And on and on.

You can play to your peak, faster

Does this sound unrealistic? I assure you it is not. Not only is it realistic, you will experience the gains in your game right away. Not months from now.

Unlike golf training aids that focus on one area of your swing to provide a quick fix, integrating imagery into a well designed mental game produces results that make any other form of improvement pale in comparison.

The changes you'll make are systemic. You'll hear me use this term periodically as it best describes my peak performance system.

You will gain that wonderful sense of well-being which places you in an excellent resource state. Decisions become effortless and inner turmoil disappears.

Use mental imagery in your game and your performance and consistency will improve measurably.

Golf Mental Game Coaching System

Mental Game of Golf