Peak Performance Part II

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Originally I wrestled with the term "zone" as it was being misused by many and seemed to be becoming a cliche'. I was thinking the word had lost its power through its over-generalized use.

Yet since most everyone knows what it refers to it makes sense to use it now and again in place of saying "peak performance state". And zone is easier to type!

Imagine being able to consciously enter your own unique zone at will. Instead of relying on chance or circumstances to be right for this state to magically appear. peak performance.jpg
This knowledge is the key to fully unlocking your inner vault.

How much better will you play knowing this? How much more consistent will you be when you have a clear methodology for entering your own peak states? Talk about a measurable competitive edge!

In my book on how to develop a solid inner game. I detail an easy to follow process that walks you, in a sensory way, directly into your own peak performance zone. You discover for yourself how your peak performance states are accessed. It's like having an inner compass that helps you navigate your inner game.

For those of you who want to have a sound inner game, one that takes you to the summit of your potential, consider the book mentioned below.

Peak Performance - Proprietary Strategies

I share numerous techniques and mental game strategies in the Minding Your Game program that will bring consistency and lower scores into your game. You will experience improvement right away and continue to excel even surpassing your own expectations! I know many clients have said this and it sure is true for my game.

It allowed me to improve very quickly and compete with players who were clearly more talented than me. The bottom line though was I believed I would win. That was my edge! There is nothing that breeds confidence in your abilities like the certainty a strong and solid inner game does.

You won't care if you mis-hit a shot now and again as you will know this does not mean you won't score well. You gain a mindset shift that cements your belief in your potential. This is what peak performance is all about.

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