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Visualize your muscles stretching while you do these stretches.

Now stand as if you are addressing the ball with your spine angle tilted as if you are ready to hit. Then turn to your left and simply place your right hand on your left thigh. Hold for as long as you choose, but at least 5 seconds. I do it for 10 - 15 seconds. Then reverse and repeat this doing it the other way. Do this 3 times each way.

I love this stretch as it elongates the entire side of your back when doing it both ways. He also showed me the one everyone does with the club behind your neck and stretching both ways. BUT! Everyone I see does more harm than good by doing exactly what you should not do.

Do not bounce from side to side or do a series of quick jerky stretches. Once you move to one side as far as is comfortable stop and hold there for several seconds, then do the same on the other side. Never spring or bounce further in the direction you wish to stretch!

This actually tells the muscle to restrict and contract in size. Exactly what you don't want. Also you risk pulling the muscle you are trying to stretch.

A great golf fitness program focuses on golf specific muscles

I'll be up front with you right here. Working out was not one of my most desired activities! Ok, I had no desire to workout! So for me finding a fitness program that suited my nature and allowed me to remain motivated was essential.

Not only that, I realized long ago that the body and mind both need to be looked after and nurtured if we really want to play great golf.

I had a list of things a golf fitness plan must do or I wouldn't even consider it. On top of that it had to have a few critical things in spades before I purchased it.

Use these questions to help identify a great golf fitness program

Here is the criteria I felt was critical if it was going to work for me AND integrate with my mental game program which is in the mental game course Minding Your Game.

    1) It had to be completely focused on golf fitness - this meant golf specific stretches and exercises. Like my book being totally focused on the mental game the fitness program had to be dedicated and highly specialized toward golf.

    2) It must be easy to do! - I know this might seem a little silly but it was VERY important to me! It had to be something I felt I would actually do more than just a few times. Have you ever had the experience where you were motivated to improve your fitness for a little while only to drop it after a couple weeks!?

    If we're honest to ourselves we can admit to this! So it being easy to do was important.

    3) It had to be enjoyable - how boring is it to do the same routines over and over? There has to be something to keep it from feeling monotonous. I know many people truly love fitness programs and it doesn't seem to matter what it is they will do it with gusto! I envy them...

    So I asked myself, would this be something I will do over and over again and stay committed to?

    4) It needed to support long term fitness needs - here I was focusing on how involved some of the fitness exercises were and if the program would remain valuable years down the road.

    Did it contain fitness exercises that allowed more advanced and skilled people to benefit from it? It had to cater to beginners and advanced needs.

    5) It had to be affordable! - this seems obvious yet it isn't necessarily the most important criteria to consider. This is why it is last on the list. Yet cost/ benefit had to lean very heavily into the benefit side of things.

    Yet programs that are too cheap are often just that - cheap! We want a balance between a reasonable fee for a professionally delivered product with a complete golf fitness program for every golfer. It needed to be at a price point that eliminated the "cost" from derailing my decision.

These areas proved very useful in narrowing my list. In fact it only left 3 programs. And after I reduced it to just 3 I filtered it down to 1 by asking these questions:

    1) Will this program provide long term gains, both physically, emotionally, and mentally for readers of my book?

    2) Does this program "fit" with Every Golfer's Guide?

    3) Will it truly be of value to you and directly improve your mental game as well?

These questions gave me my number one choice. My goal is to provide you with the best golf fitness program on the market and save you wasted time, effort and money looking and trying sub-par products.

Check out this golf fitness program here.

If this program doesn't suit your needs I hope these questions help you identify a program that does!

All the best to you and your golf game!

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