Coach Tim

by Tim
(Erie, PA)

I am going to an interview for a high school golf coach job. I want to make a good impression. What should I stress? What should I say to the question: Why would I make a good golf coach etc...?

thanks for any positive response.

-Coach Tim

Hi Tim,

First I'll say the obvious; be yourself, of course, and let your love of the game shine through.

If I were in your shoes I'd be saying things like "I love helping others learn and I am a skilled listener. I believe in working with each person' natural gifts and expanding on what they do well already."

The list of questions you receive might be long or short. Yet in the end it's not the "perfection" of the replies you give, it's the spirit and heart of the person answering that reaches an interviewer. In golf or any other job. If you're human and they sense you can reach people and communicate well, then that's more than half the battle. Teaching is built on quality communication.

Hope this helps.

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