by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua, and I've been playing golf for about 3 1/2 year. I've gotten my handicap to about 6 right now and I've never had a lesson in my life. I want to compete in next year's US amateur championship and do well.

I'm quitting my day job and work at night so that I have more time to practice and play. I've never played tournament golf but I'm gonna start next month.

When I start playing tournament golf what is the best advice you can give that can help me stay in the present, aside from my pre-shot routine?

Thanks, Josh

Well Joshua that is a big question. In fact it is something that people hire me to coach them on. There are numerous things you can do all of which are "perceptual" exercises in training your mind to become connected to the moment. To train it to be still and naturally calm no matter what's happening around you.

My mental game training program goes into detail with exercises and processes to make it a reality, not just an idea or wish.

For me to respond in a cliche`, one paragraph way won't do you justice. If you're truly serious about becoming a top level golfer and competing well in the US Amateur you'll need to invest time, resources and energy into building your inner game as much as your physical game. I'm sure you understand a "quick fix" or catchy quote won't help you.

All the best in your efforts. I'll be happy to work with you if you choose. Contact me if you like. Either way the course mentioned above will absolutely get you dialed in.

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach

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