Mental Game Presentation

Well, it’s pretty much the end of the serious golf season here in Canada, and on tour for that matter. But it’s the start of my new website! Ok, the site has been around for years but the new look and the brand are new.

The new brand is called Minding Your GameUnlock Your Mind & Lower Your Scores Hmmm, I guess the new header revealed that secret...

Mainly the new brand is taking the you deeper into developing a true, focused mental game and spreading my techniques throughout the internet and the world a lot faster.

I've been writing articles for magazines and doing interviews, etc., so my blogging has certainly taken a backseat. So the purpose of this blog post is to give a thank you to all my regular blog visitors and new people alike by giving you a free mental game presentation.

A Present to Help Keep You Present

I created a fully narrated PowerPoint Presentation on my approach to the mental game of golf. It’s not exhaustive by any means but it does provide strategies you can use in your game right now and insights into what Minding Your Game is all about.

I will be including this Presentation in an upcoming product for sale so get it now while I’m in the giving mood. :-)

Get it here along with a series of articles to help your game. Minding Your Game PowerPoint Presentation & Articles

Be well, play well, and may the wind be at your back…

Wade Pearse
Keeping You on Target