Golf Mental Training

Golf mental training doesn't have to be a long, drawn out, discipline filled process. In fact I know of a process that can literally dial your mind into an entirely new place. A place where confidence, focus and energy are all available to you in a natural and effortless way...

Ok, if you follow traditional sports psychology then time is not your friend! You'll soon find that I can prove there is a far better AND faster way. Much faster...

Doing versus Thinking in Training Your Mind

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You see, filling your head with more things to "think" about and more concepts to ponder is NOT that way to improve your golf mental training. In fact, this approach often hinders your effectiveness.

So I'm not going to provide a bullet list (you know, those little sound bites that people love so much) of quick catch phrases and mental tips like "play one shot at a time" or other stale golf cliche`s. This doesn't serve you in becoming a mentally tough and dominant player at your level.

So what does? Great question and let's answer it.

Mental Training Begins With Pictures

Ok, what I'm about to share is a bit of a generalization, for the purposes of this article, but these are principles of the mind. Here's what I mean: the mind works through thoughts, right? So what are thoughts made of? Thoughts are made of pictures, sounds and feelings, basically. Yet what you're after as a golfer, who's interested in mental training, is to access your subconscious mind.

And the subconscious mind responds to images far more than words! So why would we want to fill our heads with more "words"? Does this make sense so far? Since your subconscious should be the focus of your mental training, your efforts should be first and foremost on doing mental imagery.

You want to build your mental muscle first by developing a strong skill with using ALL of your senses with rich, vivid and intense imagery. I've created a series of incredibly simple (simple works best with the subconscious) processes that accelerate your ability to use your mind in a focused and powerful way.

If you're serious about completely changing the way you use your mind, but don't want to spend years doing it, then take a look at this golf mental training course.

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