3 keys to your personal low score

I'll keep this short as the promo is over today. I'm often asked what it takes to shoot really low scores. Besides knowing your game, and I mean really knowing it, it absolutely takes the right stuff between the ears.

The right mindset and a proper gameplan. Knowing your playing style helps (those who know my material know their playing style) and having a finely tuned pre shot routine is also essential.

But there's more to it than just a few "tips" which only take you so far. It requires a new way to think about the game. A different way to experience each and every shot...

Masters Insight

The Masters has inspired me (plus I got a lot of requests to offer my full program at a deal) to remove all barriers to my material. To allow everyone, no matter your skill level, to access my course for the lowest price I've ever made it available.

Check it out here and take advantage of this rare price. It ends tonight at midnight: Shoot Your Personal lowest Score

If it was practical I'd leave a dozen testimonials in this blog post but tooting my own horn that blatantly is overkill. If you DO want to go low this season and do it consistently take a look now as it's over today.