Guided Imagery for Golf

Guided imagery and its application in your inner game has a direct impact on your ability to shoot low scores. I have used it for years and reduced my handicap from a 26 to a 3 without taking any golf lessons or using golf training aids!

The bottom line is guided imagery works wonders. There are many forms of mental imagery and knowing which ones produce the best results is key. I spent over 7 years researching and applying advanced mental game strategies and guided imagery consistently stayed at the top of my list.

Guided Imagery and your game

Why does guided imagery work? How does it apply to golf? Is there any evidence it works before I use it? These are all valid questions so let's look at each of them.

    Why does guided imagery work? - the mind thinks through pictures, sounds and feelings, primarily. We use imagery every day of our lives to some extent. If you've ever visualized you've used imagery.

    Guided imagery is a more sensory rich application of visualization. In your mind's eye and ear you deeply experience a desired state and feel as though it is happening right now. Its power rests in tapping into your minds natural predisposition to create images anyways.

Note: Here's an excellent mental game coaching system dedicated to increasing your mental acuity, toughness, resolve, focus, creativity and many other areas.

Guided Imagery and your scores

    How does it apply to golf? - by using guided imagery strategically you can directly influence your swing, rhythm, pre-shot routine, scores, and many other areas of the game. Its applications is limited only by your imagination.

    When you deeply experience your swing in a guided imagery session you notice every nuance of it and are then able to make adjustments to improve. As you continue to use guided imagery you will apply it to any and every area possible.

    Is there any evidence that it works before I use it? - Indeed there is! Research has been done that proves empirically that guided imagery produces the results golfers are after.

    By following an action plan with certain guided imagery exercises players measurably improved their performance and their experience of "flow".

    Click here to read a detailed study done on it. Note: A new window will open for you to read the article so allow pop-ups or it won't open for you!

    I also cover the concept of flow in my book Every Golfers Guide to the Development and Mastery of their Inner Game.

    Flow is the experience of effortlessness and a merging of our mind with our actions. We lose our sense of time and become one with what we are doing. It is the optimal performance state for playing golf. You can learn how to do this.

    Integrating an effective guided imagery process into our mental game training dramatically improves our scoring ability as well as our satisfaction from the game. Playing your very best golf can become a habit when you use guided imagery properly.

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