How to Use Your Mind in Golf

How to use your mind in golf: Most players suffer from over thinking. Their conscious mind is full of swing keys, technique, posture, alignment, grip, breath...etc.,etc..

It's difficult to play well this way, isn't it? In fact it is fair to say that our conscious mind, when untrained and misguided, is the cause of the majority of our poor play. Sure, you might think it is your swing that caused the bad shot but was it really? Your mind determines the swing you produce. Your swing is an effect, not a cause.

What we want to do is "pre-program" our mind so that we don't have to be conscious minded as we play. We want our subconscious to take care of things and we simply play the game. How do we achieve this flow that all golfers seek, this zen mind so to speak?

We rehearse via mental imagery exercises. Then we do what's called anchoring. You anchor your most desired state so it becomes available naturally while you play. This process is the underlying key in EVERY mental game program and peak performance training system in the world.

We Experience on the Course What we Experience in our Mind

The state we are in while we play virtually determines how we'll play. mind golf image If you're frustrated this state produces specific chemical responses within you and provides your mind and body with clear instructions on what to do next. Attract more frustration!

The same goes with any state at any time. So let's learn how to make sure we design peak performance states into our games...

    See - Imagine yourself walking and playing effortlessly. See the scenery around you as you play this way, in this relaxed, easy manner.

    Hear - Listen to the sounds that occur in and around you. What are you saying to yourself within when you are playing your very best? What sounds are happening around you on the course? Really get into this and magnify these sensations.

    Feel - what are you feeling? Not only simple terms like "I feel great", I want you to notice specifics. Where in your body do you feel these feelings? For example, when I am playing well I have a light feeling all around and through me and my physical movements are steady. As well, I get a tingly feeling in my chest.

Use Your Mind as it is Designed

This is what I want you to notice. Everything possible about how you feel emotionally and where these feelings locate in your body.

So now you have sights, sounds and feelings. These are the building blocks of thought. In this case you will have specific pictures, sounds and feelings that represent what "playing great" is to you.

Now all you need is to anchor them. To anchor is to provide a trigger, or key that allows you to access this state whenever you choose.

Only you know how well you want to play golf and how much it matters to you. My life's work is to help people who want to improve. Not only their scores but their joy as well. Get what you want from this great game. If you're serious about improving in a measurable and lasting way it all starts with learning how to use your mind in golf.

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