Lack of concentration

by Ken Weights

I have bought your book & am working through it - with some quite satisfying early results. One of my main problems was, & still is, the ability to focus on the shot properly when it is basic, straightforward & on the Fairway. I am beginning to use some of the "anchors" & trying to establish a consistent pre-shot routine.

But I can vouch for the fact that I can play quite remarkable recovery shots when I concentrate & quite appalling shots to the Green when I don't.

It may be that I have selective memory in this regard but GIR is one of my Goals, as it is poor for my Handicap, & I may put too much pressure on myself trying to get close to the Flag.


Hi Ken,

Yes, often times the most basic, apparently "easy" shots cause the loss in focus and concentration. While we don't want to constrict our attention and "grind" over every shot, you can still maintain your focus on these shots. I recommend you, and not everyone reading this is we're all different, gaze at your target with a wider perspective.

No need to zero in too much on the flag. Just kind of gaze at your target area and relax your mind. Then just follow your routine and let it flow. You'll see an improvement. Do this for a while and let us know how you're making out.

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach

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