Makes sense to me. - purple

by Richard
(Downey, CA)

Looking at not only Tigers quest to win, I look also at his Dad who was in Special Forces. They are good at what they do not only physically but psychologically, too. Like Father like son. Connect the dots.


Thanks for that comment Richard.

No doubt his father and mother's influences are profound on his psyche and performance. We can all model this excellence without having the same upbringing. This is the true power of expert performance modeling, which is the foundation of my work. While we may not all be able to hit it like Tiger we definitely all can improve how we use our mind AND develop the same inner game as Tiger. It begins with belief...

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach
Keeping you on target...

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Aug 16, 2009
Makes sense to me. - purple
by: Richard

Like all stragegies, none are 100%. Looks like Tiger met his match this Sunday at the PGA. Y.E. just did not succomb to the red.

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