Mental Aspects of Putting

The mental aspects of putting massively influence how effective you become at holing putts. Especially important putts. How you use your mind when putting is critical if you want to be a great & consistent putter.

The are numerous ways you can improve your putting by using your mind in specific ways. Mainly you we want to visualize more and "talk" less. Sure, you can silently speak your desired spot as you prepare to put but the pictures in your mind must override your self-talk.

Below I'll provide some specific visualizations I've gathered from the top players in the game along with a few I've developed and that work well in my game and the clients I've shared them with.

The Two Stages of Great Putting

There are two stages to putting. Namely the left brained analysis of reading the green and going through your pre-putt routine. Then there's the right brained, imaginative, "feel" part which is allowing your hands to respond to your eyes and your internal images/visualizations.

mental putting image

Those of you who own my mental game course know I encourage using your mind as it is designed: left brain for analysis and details and right brain for "playing the game" and responding to your target. You should do this with putting as well.

Once you've read the green, the break, if any, the pace you intend to roll the ball and the spot you plan to roll it over, it's time to allow your subconscious to respond to the right brain images/visualizations you're doing. This is the key to mastering the mental aspects of putting. Let's look at a few...

Imagine Your Way to Better Putting...

    See the hole as your favorite color - your unconscious sorts through images and feelings so when you represent something in a color you love it responds by producing within you a desire for that color. In other words, you become attracted to your target. Try it, it works.

    Hear it drop - before you make your putting stroke, take one last look at your target and "hear" the ball drop in the hole. This again is designed to take advantage of how our subconscious/right brain operates. By hearing it fall in the hole before you putt you provide a clear internal message about what you want to happen. Never what you don't want.

    Lag Putting - for really long putts feel as if you're standing waste deep in concrete. This image keeps the lower body still. Then rock your shoulders back and through and you'll stay anchored in your lower body and not come out of the putt. This improves distance control.

There are many additional ways to improve your putting by focusing simply on the mental aspects of putting. These few will work wonders in how freely you stroke the ball and will improve your confidence and consistency. Make them yours.

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