Mental Game Breakdown

Robert Garrigus had a a mental game breakdown at the St. Jude Classic. With a 3 stroke lead standing on the 18th tee he proceeded to make a triple bogey. This got him into a 3 way playoff which he got eliminated from on the first playoff hole.

Ok, we can all relate to at least experiencing something similar. But let's take a look at the causes of this and exactly what to do to make sure you, perform at your best when the heat is on...

Now what is happening to someone when everything they normally do when not under pressure just doesn't happen when the pressure is on? Why is it that we can hit shot after shot all day long and gain the lead but when we "realize" we can win everything we do just seems to go wrong?

The Cause of the Collapse Under Pressure

I'm going to talk about something that might seem a little "deep but you must understand this if you plan on reaching your full potential as a player. It's called secondary gain.

Keep in mind as you read this page that I can not do this very important topic full justice in one article. I encourage you to explore this topic in detail on your own, it is fascinating.

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Secondary gain is this: the second level gain of NOT getting what you deeply desire. Ok, I know some of you who are not familiar with this will be saying "What? The gain of losing? Are you serious?"

YES! I absolutely am serious.

You Must Be "Mentally" Prepared to Win...

When we are approaching our most sought after goal, in this case winning a PGA tournament for the first time, we feel all these feelings arise within us as we get closer to realizing our goal. This stirs up the unconscious to bring into your experience what you really think about yourself.

In other words, your self image. The image you have of yourself as a player at the deepest level. I'm talking about the one that is most habituated. Not the one you only fantasize about! The "real" you. We actually do gain by losing sometimes.

For example, many people have fears about public speaking and losing privacy. Well, when you win a PGA tournament those will be tested! You will have to speak in front of people lots and your privacy will be diminished along with your freedom and your time.

Be Ready to Get What You Want!

So by losing you get to protect these experiences and perceptions. You see, you MUST BE PREPARED TO WIN. You must have a self image as a player that is in harmony with your deepest desires as a player. Only then will you perform to your peak.

The main reason people lose tournaments that they clearly have within their grasp is due to self image issues and secondary gain. So if you plan on ensuring you play to your potential your secondary gain issues need to be resolved.

This is VERY powerful stuff. I've worked with players and dealt with these issues of which they are completely unconscious of. Once they are made conscious and integrated into their mindset they are finally prepared to embrace their dreams and confidently attain them.

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