Playing in the zone - What's the Secret?

Playing in the zone is the most sought after state of most every golfer. As a Peak Performance coach I am often asked, "How can I play in the zone? How do I do it? Is there a way to make this happen by design or do I have to just hope it magically appears in my game?

My response is this: "You are already playing in the zone. Unfortunately it's a comfort zone!" First you have to explore your own inner game and learn the skills of breaking out of score killing comfort zones.

Just because you are in a highly focused peak state doesn't necessarily mean you will shoot a great round. I realize this might seem like a contradiction since being at our best is an essential inner game skill.

Yet if we continue to hold on to self defeating habitual tendencies that prevent us from playing our best it is useless to worry about the nirvana of peak states and playing in the zone. So what do you do first on your journey out of your comfort zone and into a peak performance state?

Follow me...

If you want to be playing in the zone then your comfort zone must become uncomfortable!

You have to become sick and tired of being sick and tired! Until you have absolutely had enough of falling victim to the "devil you know" syndrome you will never access the heights of your capabilities.


mental game course has numerous exercises and strategies that teach you to expand your comfort zones and show exactly how to access your won unique peak states. The zone as many people like to call it...I prefer the term "flow".

But this is irrelevant if your inner game thermostat is set for only a specific range of scores. This internal program runs like clockwork just beneath your awareness. Meanwhile all of your best intentions which are held in your conscious mind are ignored.

Now this isn't the "playing in the zone" you really want, is it?

Your scores support your golfing self image

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for many of you. But if you want to completely break free from those performance numbing comfort zones it's time to face those inner demons!

The scores you are shooting right now are exactly in line with how you perceive yourself and your game. If this wasn't so you'd be shooting different scores! Many issues arise when we attempt and succeed at breaking personal barriers.

For example let's say you always shoot high 70's low 80's without too much trouble. Now for a moment imagine your average moved down to the low 70's. Hey, you must have been playing in the zone to do that! Ok, on the surface this looks great. But hold on...

In order to maintain this level of scoring you're going to have to practice more. And how will you play straight up with your friends, you'll have to give them strokes! No way you say?! After all they already sandbag and you expect me to give them strokes!

While this may seem amusing there are profound secondary gains that we all have for staying right where we are in the game. And in life. To learn more on secondary gain see the section on goals.

Your inner game thermostat

We play to the level that provides us with the most appropriate sense of inner calm. Shoot too high and your inner thermostat kicks on and immediately you do what it takes to bring your scores "in line" with what is acceptable for you.

Shoot too low and the thermostat is even more exacting and your unconscious guides your game back into a comfort range. All with a cool and methodical precision.

But what would it be like to have shooting ridiculously low scores well within your comfort zone? How would you feel if smashing personal barriers from your inner game became normal? No more catering to internal complacency, you feel compelled to experience what you're capable of.

With the right techniques and inner game strategies playing in the zone is not only a possibility, it's inevitable. Over the past 7 years I have developed highly refined strategies for you to experience your personal excellence. My existing clients use them with phenomenal results.

These are not theories or generalized mental game concepts. You will acquire predictable, usable tools for personal change that transform your golf game for life. Not just a few rounds.

This is what playing in the zone is all about...

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