Shotting 59

Shooting 59 in 18 holes is almost unbelievable. Yet in less than one month we have 2 people do it when it took almost 40 years to have 3 people achieve this amazing feat. What is in the water lately?!

I liken this to the 4 minute mile. Once this was considered humanly impossible. Then within a short amount of time of Roger Bannister first cracking this "mental barrier" numerous people did it. Now it's routine!

Hey, even a junior golfer shot 58 in a tournament! A 58! I don't care if the course is only 4,000 yards, you still have to drain almost every putt you're looking at. You see, now the barrier is broken and it is just a matter of time that someone shoots a 57.

What is Your "59"?

stuart appelby shoots 59 image

We all have our own mental barriers that limit our potential. What is your 59? Take a moment and consider this. Is it a personal low score that you just can't surpass? Is it winning in an important tournament? Is it making a birdie for the first time?

Whatever it is we know one thing for sure: it is your mind that is creating the experience. It doesn't matter how well you hit the ball or how good you are physically. If you can't harness and direct the power of your mind you have almost no chance or breaking through personal, self imposed barriers.

Self Belief and Letting Things Happen

No matter your goal if you plan on reaching a new level and bringing into reality your most sought after goals in golf you must build a strong self belief. Your beliefs drive your thoughts and feelings and therefore all of your actions.

Then you will act from this belief on the golf course and learn how to let go and allow things to happen. You need to learn how to let the game come to you. Let me repeat that as this is one of my main principles: Let the game come to you.

D.A. Points couldn't do that when he was sitting at 60 standing on the tee of the Par 5 16th and a legitimate shot at 59 only one day earlier. He was trying to shoot that score and bogeyed the par 5or all things.

There are many ways you can exercise your mind so that your beliefs and actions allow you to breakthrough to previously unimagined areas of personal excellence. commit to using your mind to its fullest and find a program that will help you do just that.

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