Shooting Low Golf Scores

Shooting low golf scores is the ultimate rush and a time of deep fulfillment in a golfer's life. It is the reward for all our efforts. The carrot at the end of the proverbial stick that lures us ever onwards towards those all too rare moments of bliss.

Whatever your skill level, I'm sure you can recall a round or two when things were just flowing and you were about to go low. Really low. As an inner coach I love speaking with players about their experiences during these amazing moments.

What goes on within you when you are shooting "beyond" your typical comfort zone? If you go too low too quick in a round, do you unconsciously card a couple bogeys to get back to what you're used to shooting?

Or are you able to harness your inner resources and forge ahead, with focus, and do the unthinkable: blasting through your old scoring barriers to a new level in your game.

Facing Yourself - The Moment Arrives

There you are, several under par early in the round. You're a few strokes better than you've ever played. Do you remain focused and in the moment or do you get lost and a bit wired. It's understandable. After all, you're entering the unknown. This is disconcerting for many players since you may be beyond your personal low.

When we break our personal best and there are still holes left, this is when we require a solid, rock solid mindset. One that allows us to remain in the moment. A rehearsed mindset so that, when the time comes, we actually refocus to another level within.

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You're able to feel good about the unknown and the anticipation of going really low. Yet the anticipation is momentary and you realign your mindset back into the moment. Anchored to your natural resources that you've previewed countless times in your imagination.

The Breakthrough - Your Personal Best!

I'll close with a comment from a satisfied client of my mental game training program. Well, I guess "satisfied" is an understatement. Read it and you'll see what I mean...

=> "I am not normally one to send a message like this but I thought it the right thing to do. I bought your book about 4 months ago and although I knew most of what you have written I found by applying it in a more succinct manner I performed better. I have played off scratch or better for the last 25 years. On Saturday I shot 63 at Bearwood Lakes ( - results are posted) in England and broke the course record in the monthly medal.

The feeling of achievement was phenomenal. The reason for letting you know this is that I was 8 under after 11 holes and my mind went all over the place. By applying these mental techniques I managed to keep it together and finish the round, eventually finishing 9 under...

Many thanks for your book and I believe this can help anyone in the game to get more enjoyment out of it, no matter what their level of golf."

Mark Bradley - UK

Reach Beyond - Stretch Yourself!

Was that a shameless plug for my book? I guess so. But does it exemplify what this article is all about? Absolutely. Mark had the inner commitment to a higher ideal. It allowed him to reach beyond internal limitations and not fall back to an old program that could easily have rattled him and threw him off his game.

He clearly has a well rehearsed winner's mindset. He is more comfortable shooting ridiculously low scores than retreating to an old version of himself. And now he's going to invest himself in qualifying for the British Open. He has reached a new level within his game and, more importantly, within himself.

When you get a chance to go low, really low, embrace it fully. Love it and use your innate talents to make it real. Who knows what you're truly capable of and what you'll reach for next. Your future self patiently awaits your arrival....Claim it. It's yours!

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