Sir Shanks-alot

by Kreson
(Durban South Africa)

Hello, my name is Kreson, I am a 5 handicap. I have a big big problem. I can't stop shanking the ball.

Every game I play I must shank at least 10 shots. I went from shooting 75 to 85 just like that. I have tried everything possible to stop it, but it never works. Every time I think of a shank, guess what, I shank it.

I am only 18 years old and I really love this game and I'm trying to get better at it but it's just not working because of the shank. I have never shanked the ball my whole golf life. It is so sad, please help me...

******** Coach's reply below:


Let me begin by saying I feel your pain. You are not alone in this debilitating experience. Yet it is completely reversable. IN fact it will disappear in a way that you'll forget it ever happened to you...

I can sense how much the game means to you and I encourage you to stay with it.

First I want you to thank your mind for being so effective. I know, you're wondering how is shanking effective? Your brain is giving you exactly what you're focusing on. The mind is a target centered machine: we give it a target by how we use our attention.

One of the core principles in my mental game training course is this: "What you focus on your get more of"

Now pause and consider this for a few moments. By focusing on shanks you get what? More shanks. So wha is the natural thing to do here? To begin by focusing on what you want, not what you "don't" want. In other words, train your mind to pay attention to the way you want to experience your game, noit what you want to "not happen". Make sense?

By the way, since you're in South Africa you should keep in touch with my partners there: Floris Olivier at

They will be launching my full training program there with a workbook and 4 DVD's tha coach you on my processes as well as a fitness DVD created by a certified fitness instructor. If you're serious about your game, and I see you are since your passion radiates from your words, then pursue some sort of mental game training/coaching program even if it's not mine.

Tell Floris that Wade sent you!

Focus on what you want, not what you wish to avoid! Then follow your routine and swing away...

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach

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