Thailand - Red means good luck

by Cameron
(South Carolina)

Tiger wears red on Sundays because the color means good luck in Thailand, his mother's native country. But there's more to red than that. As the color of fire and blood, red is associated with energy, war, strength and power. It's also linked with energy, so it's often used to promote energy drinks and sports products.

Plus, says color expert Lietrice Eiseman, Tiger is partial to red because of its vibrancy, and people in vibrant colors, she says, come across as powerful. But red doesn't work for everybody. So if it doesn't flatter your coloring, Eiseman says, "a vibrant blue is an alternative for looking powerful. It worked for the men in Braveheart.


Thoughtful post Cameron. Thanks for taking the time to make it. It leads into my main post in this topic that Red has an influence on opponents, all be it subconsciously most of the time.

Any advantage, and I mean ANY advantage, even if it isn't a consciously manufacture advantage, is a wise move for an elite athlete.

I mean after all, Tiger's "love for red" has made such an impact on the game, viewer's perceptions and most importantly other players in that not one single player would DARE wear red on Sunday.

Can you remember the last player who did? Rocco Mediate. And look how well he did....mabe more players should step in Rocco's shoes and stake their claim also. Just a thought...

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